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Romsterdeleting that egg crap as you call it, will break pip3 for meson, without setuptools it'll install it as sdist, with setuptools it'll install it as wheel (with the egg-info). and and as time progresses more and more will have setuptools installed on there system, but no you have to be difficult, so i'll just have to manually remove the egg-info from the .footprint and have setuprools as optional to make you lot happy.02:09
Romstersorted it02:18
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jaegeryou sound a bit cranky, heh03:34
just_funWouldn't be simpler to pack the pip+setuptools into the python3 port? It will enlarge the package with no more than 10%, it will have to be rebuilt with every setuptools/pip version update (rare), but all these issues will go away.06:51
frinnsthow static are those files? Maybe just package those on the side and manually include them?07:14
frinnsttreat them like man-pages, like we do for some ports07:14
frinnstprevious btrfs-progs springs to mind07:14
frinnstits not a problem today but I bet meson will need to be moved to core in a year or so07:23
frinnstand loads of dependencies for a core component will cause troubles down the line. We aren't doing it to be difficult or assholes :-)07:24
frinnstand nobody is picking on *you*. Atleast that was not my intention07:25
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pedjaanyone else getting this with meson 'Warning: You are using 'ANSI_X3.4-1968' which is not a a Unicode-compatible locale." ?11:34
pedjahm. with fakeroot, LC_ALL locale is set to POSIX, which is probably the cause of that warning11:47
frinnsthmm nope11:59
juesee this as well but it's not related to fakeroot, pkgmk exports LC_ALL=POSIX12:22
juefrinnst: do you see the warning if you build fuse3?12:23
frinnstah yeah building fuse3 i see it12:25
frinnstnot when building meson tho12:25
pedjajue, well that explains it :)12:35
pedjafrinnst, sorry, I meant with meson build12:38
Romsteri know, to be honest i don't like this python meson for a replacement to autotools, to me it's a horrible language to choose for that. cmake or something else would of been far better.14:23
dlcusaHas anyone considered if any ISO kernels need to have CVE-2017-1000253 applied?15:01
jaeger4.9.6 has the fix, it was committed ~2.5 years ago from what I read15:07
dlcusaI was thinking earlier releases.15:10
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frinnstlike what, 3.2 ?17:10
frinnst3.1 was released before that fix was pushed17:11
pedjaRomster, have you built webkit-gtk3 recently?17:11
pedjasomeone reported last night that it won't build
dlcusaI didn't know if there was a support policy for the older, still available ISO images.  I think it's fine to warn folks about the possibility of unpatched software.17:37
frinnstwe generally "support" the old release a few months after we release a new version19:44
frinnstif you still run 3.1 you have worse problems than CVE-2017-1000253 to deal with19:44
jaegeryeah, we don't really have any official support for old releases20:44

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