IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2017-10-02

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jue_pedja: thanks for the info13:57
jue_several patches has been committed to the 1.19 branch of xserver the last 2 weeks, guess a 1.19.4 might come soon13:59
pedjajue_, about xorg-server? np. I was curious why are they the only ones, afaict, to carry them13:59
pedjafedora has a bunch of patches for xorg-server, none of them clearly marked as CVE fixes14:00
jue_the patches with CVE numbers are all in the 1.19 branch, see my link above14:01
jue_I've prepared a tar-ball from the 1.19 branch, I tend to use that14:03
pedjayes, much less hassle than cherry-picking14:04
jue_any objections?14:04
pedjanot from me :)14:05
pedjaI am curious how many of the libglvnd-related patches landed in 1.19.x branch14:08
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frinnstgo nuts14:42
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