IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2017-10-03

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pedjafrinnst, have you tried freetype-2.8.1 yet?13:48
pedjait ships with a new font optimization, I guess, engine13:50
pedjanot that I see any difference :)13:50
pedjaits supposed to replace ClearType patent-encumbered thingie13:53
frinnstI think thats the version I run at home14:17
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frinnstnope, i was still on 2.817:20
frinnstbut I took it upon myself to adopt freetype since sepen is MIA17:20
pedjaI am surprised you haven't purged most of his ports from opt/contrib yet :)17:54
pedjahow many does he have, actually?17:57
pedja125 in contrib, 101 in opt, if my grep skills are not mistaken17:59
pedjawell, that answers my question :)18:00
frinnstyeah too many. I havent gotten around to it yet18:09
frinnstfeel free to adopt anything you fancy :-)18:09
pedjawell, I already have my hands full with xfce :)18:18
pedjaluckily, xfce devs take their time with development, otherwise I'll be in real trouble18:20
crash_yeah xfce is slow going18:22
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pedjalots of activity in the git repos lately18:33
pedjamost of it are translation updates, but still18:34
pedjaafaik, transition to gtk3 is almost complete for core libraries/apps18:35
crash_that's nice :) to get it updated to gtk3 actually18:37
crash_i'm running Mate and i3-wm mostly but it's good that xfce is still in the making18:40
pedjai3 is ahead the curve, with Sway, Wayland compositor :)18:54
crash_i have been looking in sway for a while but i have not tried it :P18:55
pedjafrinnst, did you forget to update the .signature in the gtk3 port, by any chance?19:36
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frinnsthmm perhaps after the footprint20:52
pedjawhat's the difference between '--refresh-signature' and '--update signature'?21:00
pedjaI can't think of the use case for refresh one21:00
pedja'pkgmk -cs' could be the part of pre-commit git hook, abort if there is a mismatch?21:04
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