IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-10-04

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frinnsthm, whats up with the timeline? Now it doesnt show anything past 24/906:14
frinnstim pretty sure i saw newer stuff yesterday06:15
frinnstgranted it has been very unreliable but06:15
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juefrinnst: yeah, our timeline is broken at all currently, very sad12:27
frinnstshould we take some time to look into it perhaps? sure we can figure it out12:28
jueyes, would be great, but we need someone with php skills ;)12:29
jueFYI, I've just committed new versions of fontconfig and xterm with new maintainer "CRUX System Team" as we did it already with xfsprogs and some others12:31
frinnstI took over freetype yesterday12:31
juefine :)12:32
pedjacore and xorg are maintained by 'CRUX team', why not the whole opt :) ?12:44
frinnstIt would be nice if more people wanted to maintain stuff12:45
pedjamore people maintaining stuff would be easier with the set of guidelines/rules wrt ports12:49
pedjatabs vs spaces, python/perl ports naming, that kind of stuff12:49
pedjait's a bit of the mess atm12:50
frinnstright jue? :D12:51
jueno :)12:52
pedjafirst comment 'She is pretty cute, I´d tab that.' Oh, YT :)12:54
frinnstI filter youtube comments12:55
frinnstbest life choice ever12:55
frinnstblock, rather12:55
pedjaStylish style that did that broke with latest YT 'update', sadly12:56
juepedja: better guidlines would be nice, but I doubt that this will give us more maintainers12:58
frinnstupdating apache on
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pedjajue, I'd apply in a heartbeat :)13:03
pedjaidk, CRUX is a friendly community, but I still think there should be some set of common guidelines13:05
pedjagetting them might be a challenge, thou :)13:06
juepedja: well, write something down so we can discuss your ideas13:10
frinnstthat shut him up :D13:12
pedjaI'll open a bug on FS when I have something more than bunch of words stuffed together :)13:13
pedjayou know, actual *ideas*13:14
pedjanot this rambling while I wait for water to boil13:15
rmullpedja: FWIW the 6c37 repo has some pretty clear "unofficial" guidelines for Pkgfile formatting13:57
rmullI always end up shilling 6c37, sorry if it's inappropriate in this channel13:58
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jaegerI'll take a look at the timeline today if I can14:04
pedjarmull, how many maintainers have commit access to 6c37 repo?14:09
pedjais it still one, iirc? that's a single point of failure right there14:13
jue.oO chrony ->
rmullpedja: There are a bunch - it's organized as a github team, and there are currently 614:37
rmull13 people in total have made contributions14:37
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jaegerI've temporarily disabled the timeline cacher in crux's crontab while I take a look at it22:47
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jaegerHrmm, I'm not sure it's broken, might have been some bad data in the db file23:06
jaegerI repopulated it, will see if it behaves23:06
frinnsttho nothing from flyspray appears23:08
jaegerok, I'll take another look soon, got to go for now23:18

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