IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2017-10-05

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just_funspeaking about "more maintainers", re-adding jmf repo to portdb and adding maraku's can help. Taking care of your own repo is one of the steps in becaming a contrib-utor, and more visibility brings more feedback, reponsability and willingness. Time remains the same, unfortunately :)08:17
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pedjais it me, or pkgmk doesn't honor .nostrip?11:45
pedja'pkgmk -ns' works, with .nostrip pkgmk still strips the binary11:48
pedja'pkgmk -ns'/no .nostrip works, as expected. wth11:53
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frinnstjaeger: did you forget to reenable the timeline cron? or it's broken still..15:12
jaegerI reenabled it but I haven't looked at the flyspray portion yet15:21
frinnstnothing from today it seems15:21
jaegerhrmm, ok. It might be time to start over and dig through what it's doing rather than trying to spot-fix15:22
frinnstits odd.. we havent really changed anything wrt timeline, right?15:22
jaegerIt may still be broken as a result of the server upgrade, I don't know for sure15:23
jaegerphp isn't my strong suit, I've just figured out enough to fix things when needed15:23
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