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rmullteK__: Hey, your contrib/sntop port depends on fping, but fping is not in any of the repos01:43
rmullLooks like sntop was last updated in 2013, hmm. Maybe what I want is iftop.01:45
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frinnstiftop is awesome06:48
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teK__well fping was removed by *someone* when prologic left09:34
teK__frinnst: do you happen to know if iftop can do 'everything' that sntop can? If yes, I'd drop it09:35
pedjaanyone played with glances?
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frinnstdont know what sntop does, really10:11
frinnstiftop just shows bandwidth to/from hosts10:12
teK__@pedja: I heard that it eats a lot of CPU and requires nodejs for the web view.10:24
pedjateK__, something like this is probably overkill10:24
pedjateK__, glances?10:24
teK__wrong, was another tool10:25
pedjateK__, netdata is using nodejs, iirc10:26
teK__so I dont want to measure CPU usage and cause rediculous load by that measuring :P10:28
pedjaglances is using bottle for the web server part10:30
teK__why the hell does it have to ship a webserver10:31
teK__what happened to do one thing and do it well -_-10:31
pedjait's optional :)10:31
pedjapypsutil is the only required dependency10:32
pedjateK__, what? you don't want to check your servers on your iPad while drinking latte :) ?10:33
teK__sitting by the pool while on vacation? God no.10:33
teK__Also: I dont own a piece of Apple hardware or a tablet in general :]10:34
pedjaI kind of knew that :)10:36
teK__netdata looks nice10:38
pedjaa bit heavy, using nodejs and all10:39
teK__esp. for the application monitoring part10:39
teK__maybe I will toy around with it later :]10:39
pedjaotoh, a bit heavy monitoring solution is the perfect excuse to get something like Threadripper :)10:41
teK__I though of having me bought an iMac [Pro?]10:41
pedjathat's Apple's AIO desktop thingie, right?10:45
teK__Mac in a Flatscan10:46
teK__or the pro flavour which will cost more then 6k USD and probably is out of budget10:47
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pedja3k $ on Amazon for non-Pro 27'10:49
pedja'amazon's choice'. well, of course it is10:50
teK__no. no trash can for me .)10:52
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teK__I'd stick with the 27" non pro i7 version, but I have to clarify with my higher up as I am not going to pay for apple myself. Ever.10:53
pedja18k €, that one :)10:53
teK__that should be the pro 27" i7 that is released later this year10:53
pedja5K Retina, Radeon Pro 580, 8Gb RAM, ~5000 €. what a steal...10:56
pedjathey sell it at half that price, and, I guess, still make a killer profit. you've got to admire Apple10:59
teK__yup. BUT they did really kick up the UI and usability / design game a gear or two11:02
teK__also: smart phones where their thingy11:03
pedjaNokia invented the concept, but Jobs made it usable for normal people :)11:04
teK__I guess11:05
pedjaNokia N9 was an incredible phone, both hardware and software-wise. but11:06
pedjaoh, well, it's two horce 'race' now11:07
teK__a friend of mine installed debian on the n900, iirc11:09
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frinnstshut down my work computer to add another nic11:23
frinnstforgot this MB has 211:23
frinnstnow to read up on qemu networking11:24
pedjathat reminds me, I need to update libvirt.11:32
frinnstwhat ports are needed to bridge networking these days?11:35
frinnstbridge-utils ?11:36
pedjaand you can create bridge using iproute2 tools, right?11:41
pedjathey are 'the modern way [tm]' of doing things after all11:46
frinnstyeah I dont know what the recommended/correct way of doing it is11:47
pedjathis is Linux, you have choices :)
frinnstyeah iproute2 seems to be able to do everything12:34
frinnstbut man the documentation on this sucks. everything is outdated12:34
pedjaglances are kind of cool14:10
pedjapretty easy to set up using virtualenv14:11
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teK__netdata was rather easy to build too btw20:42
teK__no load on the server but 60% in FF while displaying the stats @pedja20:42
pedjateK__, got a port for it handy :) ?20:44
pedjaI didn't check the FF load with glances20:45
pedjaabout 4%, give or take20:47
pedjaiirc, I saw people at r/linux complain about netdata being a bit of a hog20:51
teK__I did ./configure, make and cp -a for quite some directories, and I had to start it as root to make the web part work without permission error20:55
pedjait drops privileges after it starts, apparently, but I see that a few distros package it to run as a netdata:netdata20:57
teK__well, the dirs were 755, files 64420:58
pedjait has to be installed as root so all data collectors would work, according to install script21:00
teK__I got no permission (to view the web page)21:01
teK__did not look into it too much, a quick strace was too quick apparently21:01
pedjait would be interesting to see if there is a difference in FF load between your version and mine. I guess you are running FF from opt?21:03
teK__it is pretty old, tbh21:04
teK__and it's in a shitty vmwareinstance ...21:06
pedjaouch :)21:06
pedjacan't be worse than my potatoputer, surely21:07
teK__at least it has plenty (5GB) of RAM :o21:10
pedjaI have 6GB, so :)21:15
teK__upgrading FF actually reduce CPU usage21:39
pedjamakes sense, Mozilla did a nice job with 56/57 js performance22:03
teK__Mozilla Firefox 52.4.022:04
pedjathat's downgrading :)22:06
teK__I picked the current one from opt (I hope)22:06
john_cephalopoda52.4.0esr. Hm.22:07
pedjaany font issues with it?22:08
teK__not afaics22:08
pedjaThunderbird was a bit broken for some people22:08
teK__I have mutt  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯22:09
pedjanever tried it, it's on my TODO list22:09
john_cephalopodaHaven't had any ff or tb issues.22:17
teK__in this shitty VM, chromium always insta-crashes. The only reason, I am using FF in there, btw..22:18
john_cephalopodateK__: Have you got /dev/shm set up as shared memory? Chromium appears to need that.22:22
john_cephalopodaHad insta-crashes all the time, adding /dev/shm solved the issue.22:23
teK__yes, it complains on the console, it crashes after fixing that22:23
john_cephalopodaHave you also added it to the fstab?22:28
john_cephalopodanone         /dev/shm  tmpfs     defaults,size=1G     0 022:28
teK__no but this is not necessary either22:28
john_cephalopodaWas necessary for me.22:29
john_cephalopodaJust adding the folder and chmoding it to 666 or 777 or whatever it showed in the console didn't fix it.22:29
john_cephalopodaIt apparently needed a mounted tmpfs there.22:30
teK__sure but you can do that without fstab ;)22:31
john_cephalopodaYeah, one can simply mount :þ22:31
teK__that's what I was referring to. So I did add the directory and also mounted a tmpfs there22:31
teK__will give it another try in  a sec22:32
john_cephalopodaA few things annoy me about browsers. Functionalities are always on-and-off throughout the versions. Some things stop working after an update, some start working again or are added as feature.22:33
john_cephalopodawebrtc broke suddenly on firefox. Works on chromium on my desktop computer, but not on my laptop.22:34
teK__so browsing currently seems to work, I have to figure out, why the current chromium does not build on my build server atm22:35
teK__asking myself, if I actually did mount tmpfs to dev/shm *ahem*22:39
john_cephalopoda`mount` will tell you :þ22:50
teK__no, in my previous tests months ago22:50
teK__this time i did it for sure22:50
john_cephalopodaAh, ok.22:52
teK__seems to be stable for now. Thanks either way :)22:52
john_cephalopodanp :)22:52
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