IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2017-10-07

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marakui've got some updates for webkitgtk, enchant, hyphen (new dep), libsoup, libtasn1, & surf...01:00
marakuit's mostly tested, but should i submit patches for contrib? i'm not sure what'll break and i have no idea what's hapening with webkit-gtk{2,3} (which gtk version to use)01:01
Romstersubmit them and i'll take a look later01:35
Romsterproblem with so many ports is keeping everything upto date01:35
Romsterfeels like we never get any new maintainers in crux official repositories01:36
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marakualso...standard port guidelines?07:42
marakui quote everything and use ${variable}...07:42
marakui can also take over webkitgtk + that stuff if you want me too/trust me. i've been using surf instead of firefox recently (and for the forseeable future)07:43
frinnstwonderful. flyspray xss to gain admin privs08:59
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frinnst only seems to apply to us. fixed09:05
frinnst is the other issue09:05
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pedjafrinnst, could this be useful for your hyperv cluster?
pedjaI see its highly recommended by people who dumped vmware :)16:32
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