IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2017-10-12

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Romsterx264 is optional but you include it in your footprint frinnst i'd need todo a correction commit after that09:44
frinnstah, I didnt know you stripped it manually09:50
frinnstor rather, built it in a clean env like a proper maintainer :-D09:50
Romsteri use a clean env in docker :D09:50
Romsterfixed it09:57
Romsterpkgmk -us ; pkgmk -um10:00
Romsterpkgmk -uf ; pkgmk -us10:00
Romsteri do this for each build10:00
Romsterah missed a line in between them two...10:00
Romster/usr/sbin/pkg-clean -r -k $(basename $PWD) ; prt-get depinst $(basename $PWD)10:01
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frinnsthah, the announce of xorg-server 1.19.5 was so awesome I had to keep it in the commit message19:58
frinnstfuck. forgot to add [notify] for it19:58
pedjacue 'just rewrite it in Rust already' messages20:09
frinnstfine by me if the rust people would just get their act together20:12
pedjanot a fan of rustup, I gather :) ?20:14
pedjaso frinnst, how long do you plan to keep FF at ESR versions?20:26
pedja52.x is supported until march 2018?20:26
pedjahow long does rust take to compile, anyway, compared to gcc or llvm?20:28
frinnstuntil we can distribute rust in a non-horrible way20:38
frinnstnot sure, seems like it takes a while. doesnt like to use threads20:39
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pedjaaccording to BLFS, 33 times slower than binutils with 4c20:43
pedjaand llvm is 25, so sloooow20:45
pedjaslow to build, takes a lot of space building, new release every 6 weeks. great.20:49
pedjaif jaeger ever gets bored enough, he might make one of his plots with it. not holding my breath, thou :)20:56
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jaegerwhich one, rust?21:25
jaegerI'm already doing chromium which is slow as hell, heh21:25
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pedjaapparently, rust is even slower :)21:56
pedjaso i am wondering on what beasts of the machines rust developers build it :)21:57
pedjait would be a nice test for that 12k$ rig someone in the main channel bought22:00
Worksterrust i don't think will even use my distcc22:09
Worksterlet alone all the threads on a 4 core cpu22:09
pedjawhat are they using as a build system? cmake?22:17
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