IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2017-10-17

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jaegerAnyone else hitting this with cryptsetup?
pedjayup, same error15:15
jaegerok, thanks15:58
pedjajaeger, I looked at configure.log, and I am not sure why is it failing. missing symbol or '@RT_LIB', whatever that is16:11
pedjafrom devmapper.pc 'Libs.private: -lm @RT_LIB@'16:13
pedjacould that be the issue?16:13
jaegerI think jue mentioned something like that recently but I'd forgotten about it since then16:21
pedjayup, cryptsetup builds fine16:21
jaegerjue said "fix already pushed" there but I don't see it in opt16:25
pedjawrong permissions for devmapper.pc, too, 0444 instead of 064416:26
pedjaweird permissions for udev rules and few other things, too. hm.16:38
pedjajaeger, here is the fix in core git;a=commit;h=4bc57e241265f631679330f807596d94390c5a0a16:54
pedjabut I don't see it in core/libdevmapper. wth16:55
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jaegersame... I see release=1 in core/libdevmapper, too. I wonder if the git sync isn't working for some reason18:36
jaegerI see the same version in the rsync path18:37
jaegeroh. I'm on the wrong path, it's not in git either18:46
jaegerAh, it got removed in f3224037253550a9b5ece308c0bf67cdd01ab7fb with the update to 1.02.14418:48
jaegerI should have found that quicker, distracted with work stuff18:48
jaegerSo I guess we just need to re-add the fix from 4bc57e241265f631679330f807596d94390c5a0a18:49
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jaegerok, pushed that again20:25
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