IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2017-10-21

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frinnstjaeger: how did you install hefur? not from source?18:34
frinnstrather: not from a port18:34
frinnstit needs a rebuild on crux.nu18:35
frinnstdowngraded protobuf again18:40
frinnstACTION slaps tek18:53
frinnstim trying to get to grips how everything ties together on wrt. to timeline and cruxbot and redis18:54
frinnstthat "to" was a bit redundant18:54
frinnstseems like redis needs to be upgraded too19:00
frinnstUpgrade urgency HIGH: Several potentially critical bugs fixed.19:00
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jaegerfrinnst: pretty sure I made a port, I'll look for it19:29
jaegerfrinnst: ~jaeger/ports-overlay/hefur - I rebuilt it, there's a new package in /usr/ports/pkg19:33
jaegerI guess I'll go ahead and update it.19:38
frinnstdid you upgrade protobuf first?19:50
jaegerno, sorry, I didn't see your comment about downgrading protobuf until now :P19:51
jaegerI'll look at it19:51
frinnstcheers, just a sysup and a rebuild should do it19:51
frinnstand add that dir to prt-get.conf?19:51
jaegerok, done19:53
frinnstim preparing a glibc update - would be nifty to get some testers later on20:26
frinnstthe patch reapplies;a=commit;h=228d2d279995ff80c4e881c12f4fcbc5a2fd199f along with a bunch of other stuff that was backported upstream20:27
frinnstit would sync up our glibc port to release/2.24/master20:28
frinnstwould be nice to know if it still causes resolv issues20:32
frinnsthm, yep. seems it still does20:33
jaegerthat's unfortunate23:11
frinnst feel free to test23:34
frinnstworks now.. odd23:35
frinnstrmull: iirc you had the problem with the previous update. does the above port work for you? if not, does a restart help? or a "prt-get -fr update $(prt-get listinst)" ?23:47
frinnstwhen I first tested the above port in a vm i could not resolve in firefox (but things like ping worked)23:48
frinnstim unsure exactly what worked, but It does work for me now23:49
frinnsttrying again from an older snapshot23:53
frinnstright. old snapshot: glibc update - firefox cant resolve anything23:55
frinnsta reboot solves it23:56
frinnstno, sorry - my bad23:57
frinnst(im using this channel as my personal logbook for now - sorry) :)23:57
pedjaI had to start nscd for resolve to start working last time, iirc23:58

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