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frinnstrebuilding everything seems to solve it - without needing to run nscd00:02
frinnstbut would be nice to narrow it down somewhat :)00:02
pedjaI'll try this one, I'll have to reboot to update the kernel, anyway :)00:03
pedjain the mean time, you play with ipv6, right?
frinnsthehe yeah I saw that00:13
frinnstI need it in my life00:13
frinnstCan I setup multiple IPv6 Buddies in a fully connected mesh?00:15
frinnstOur first version of the IPv6 Buddy does not have HA functionality built in unfortunately. We understand, the ideal situation is to have multiple paths.00:15
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RomsterteK__, has some stuff in bug tracker and is not responding to, guess i should email him.00:35
frinnstuh ok.. so I did a sysup after updating glibc (firefox not able to resolve anything) and cancelled after these got updated:
frinnstfirefox works again00:45
frinnstnss maybe?00:47
frinnsthuh. glib it is01:00
frinnstcan someone test my port, confirm the resolve issue and then rebuild glib?01:01
Romsteri'll do that later when i am not watching a live stream01:12
Romsterbut i am using my firefox-rust port01:12
Romsterbut results should be the same01:12
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Romsteractually i'll try it on my other pc that i am not doing much with atm01:29
Romsterand whos protobuf port mine in contrib?01:29
frinnstyeah - it broke abi01:47
frinnstquite a big bump01:47
Romsteroh, should i revert it?01:48
frinnstnah its ok01:48
frinnstthe torrent tracker used it but a simple rebuild solved it01:48
Romstereveryone should know how to use revdep01:48
frinnstyeah just that hefur isnt in ports. But it turned out jaeger had it as a local port in his homedir on crux.nu01:49
Romstercan we publish that port jaeger made for the tracker like in opt/01:49
Romsteri suggested that program after the older one, that was being used was binary and needed 32bit ports01:49
Romsteri've beena  bit slack on my ports keeping them updated01:52
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jaegerI'll move hefur into contrib since it depends on contrib stuff02:57
Romsterfrinnst, yes rebuilding glib after updating glibc fixes firefox03:00
Romsterweird part is revdep does not detect an issue so it's not an ABI issue03:00
Romsteri plan tomove protobuf to opt if that makes things easy03:01
Romsterwhat else does it need jaeger03:01
jaegerjust cmake, I think03:01
Romstergit is so slow on rebase and push, never was this slow.03:06
Romstermaybe i need to git gc my tree03:06
Romsteror was it git clean... probably that03:06
Romsterjust my opt tree is slow by the looks of it. but that is odd as contrib has far more ports03:08
Romstermoved protobuf to opt now jaeger03:08
Romstercruxbot is sitll borked.03:08
jaegercruxbot is teK__'s baby, he seems to be busy03:08
Romsterindeed, i am finding more things of tex's that i am adding to flyspray as he went off at me for touching his ports without emailing him first.03:09
Romstereven though the fixes i was doing were just basic to make it compile03:09
jaegerI'll try to check out the timeline tomorrow03:10
Romstertimeline seem to went when that wiki page got edited.03:10
Romsterpretty odd.03:10
Romsterthere is some odd gremlins since the server move and update all the things.03:11
jaegerto be expected, since the old server ran 2.803:11
Romsteranyways +1 frinnst for rebuilding glib after that glibc update fixes firefox03:12
Romsterunlike last time frinnst  pushed a security gix to glibc, nothing rebuilt fixed firefox.03:12
Romsteralso jaeger question about the "CRUX System Team" who is in that group and should i just move flashplayer and chromium to that group. i know i've been bumping them two but i am just doing that for others benefits. i primarily use firefox.03:15
Romsteri feel that pepper-flash should be in that group as well, am tempted to fix pepperflash without tek's permission.03:15
Romsterhis last commit is still using a versioned url.03:15
jaegerAs far as I know crux system team is just everyone who has access to the repo in which ports with that maintainer live03:17
Romsterthat is what i assumed to be the case.03:18
jaegerI don't mind changing ports with the system team maintainer, I just avoid changing ports with a specific one03:18
Romsterbut assuming is bad, so that's why i asked.03:19
Romsterunless they are busy and given permission, tek is busy but not got permission.03:19
Romsteri'll email and ask tek what the go is.03:20
Romsteror he might be able to spend some time on crux soon.03:21
Romsteri'm going afk for a hour or two, emailed tek.03:30
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rmullfrinnst: Like others have already reported - your glibc update breaks firefox name resolution, and a rebuild of glib fixes it13:40
rmullThanks for asking, happy to help13:41
frinnstforgot to add a patch for CVE-2017-1567014:21
frinnstpushed. thanks for testing everyone14:27
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frinnsthm. did anybody get the [notify] email yet?14:50
jaegerer, maybe not. I got the "syncs with upstream" one14:52
frinnstthe commit?14:52
frinnstI dont get those14:52
jaegerNope, looks like it hasn't come through14:52
frinnst its there tho14:52
jaegerupdating ports does pull the changes, though14:53
frinnstah its too big I think14:53
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frinnstjue: Ive been testing gawk and util-linux - no issues. I see you pushed them17:22
juefrinnst: yes, thanks for the feedback17:28
frinnstI also pushed some glibc fixes. one was pretty nasty17:30
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frinnsthm, what happened to the server?20:04
frinnstACTION highlights teK__ 20:09
frinnstoh, seems to be a hosting thing20:09
frinnstpoor charlie. sunday evening20:09
frinnstrouting issue it seems20:24
frinnsttraceroute to just loops20:24
frinnst probably20:26
teK__you asked me to not update llvm20:26
teK__is this still needed?20:26
frinnstI did?20:26
teK__thought so20:26
frinnstgod.. have forgotten about it20:27
frinnstsounds somewhat familiar20:27
teK__17:10 <@frinnst> teK_: mesa3d 17.1.X wont build with llvm 5. 17.2.x will, so maybe hold off a bit before pushing it.20:27
frinnstyes thats fine. we are on 17.2 now20:28
frinnstcan you access I can reach it from my aruba vps but not from hope20:29
teK__TTL exceed (i.e. also looping for me)20:32
jaegerdoing a manual run of the portdb cacher20:55
jaegerwhatever the routing issue was cleared out the portdb partially, I guess20:55
jaegerPHP Warning:  file( failed to open stream: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /home/crux/bin/pdbcacher.php on line 24720:55
jaegerrelated to glibc update?20:56
jaeger(rather than the routing issue)20:56
jaegerI rebuild php on the server, seems to be working better now21:27
rmullfrinnst: FYI I just noticed curl's name resolution is not working21:44
rmullFirefox works, curl does not (after glibc update and glib rebuild)21:44
rmullRebuilding curl does not fix it21:46
jaegerseems ok here still21:46
rmull'type' field is corrupted in the DNS query21:52
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rmullIIRC that was the same failure I had when firefox was failing during the last glibc update attempt (although glib was not rebuilt back then)21:53
rmullMy test is simply "curl"21:54
jaegerI tested and, both came back21:54
rmullHmm, let me make sure I am actually running the latest versions of everything...22:07
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