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jaegerweird... xorg has stopped working on my macbook pro for some reason01:05
jaegercan still do things in other consoles but X won't come up01:05
jaegerwhoa... lspci hangs, too01:14
jaegerthat's one I've never seen before01:14
jaegerI wonder if the SSD is failing, I see some ATA errors when trying to reboot it after a failed X start01:22
Romsterrmull, so i got subversion and cvs on my desktop and that header file still turned up empty. i dunno, but an empty header file seems like a bug, not sure how teK__ managed to have any content in his.01:33
j_vRomster, see llvm-5.0.0/cmake/modules/VersionFromVCS.cmake. looking in there it becomes apparent that the revision is determined only if it can find an existing svn repository directory exists or if git returns the revision (again, not possible because there is no .git directory at the top of the source, or any where else for that matter)01:54
j_vwhy teK__'s footprint didn't show that file as empty i have no idea01:56
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rmullMy footprint isn't empty either02:14
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j_vwhat is actually in the file?02:16
rmull#define LLVM_REVISION "git-b29432999"02:17
rmullI do have git installed, but I assume everyone does02:23
j_vhow about subversion?02:23
rmullNo, I do not have svn02:23
rmullerr, yes I do02:23
j_vok, i'm trying a container build, but added both git and subversion to depends line02:24
j_vmy container will only have core plus exact dependency tree02:25
rmullAny chance having llvm previously existing on the system might make a difference? upgrade vs new install bootstrapping differences?02:25
j_vmight... it's a good point02:26
j_vthough, i'm skeptical that that'02:26
j_vs it02:26
rmullThat's based on nothing, other than I recall a previous llvm upgrade suffered from that02:27
j_vyeah, my skepticism is only the same, just opinion, i've give that a try if adding git + svn doesn't flesh out the file02:28
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rmullanother interesting thing is that I grabbed the git mirror and that hash doesn't appear in the log02:31
j_vno, it's probably a git-svn thingy... something i know very little about unfortunately02:31
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j_vdoesn't make any sense... llvm-5.0.0.src/cmake/modules/VersionFromVCS.cmake is the script that retrieves the revision. without a valid .svn or .git directory, that script will return empty, if i'm reading it right.03:20
j_vsame is true for GetSVN.cmake in same directory03:32
j_vbuilding in git, subversion, and existing llvm doesn't make any difference.04:01
j_vs/building in/building with existing/04:02
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jaegerinteresting... my ISO builder system fails to build llvm now during the bootstrap but not outside the ISO tree16:07
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frinnstwith the footprint issue?16:33
frinnstwhat's in VCSRevision.h anyways?16:34
jaegeryeah, the reverse - it's not empty in that case16:34
jaegerI didn't16:34
jaegersave the work dir16:34
frinnstwould be interesting to see what it contains. if its not important (it doesnt seem to be) we could just remove it16:35
jaegerI'll see if I can duplicate it, takes a while to build, of course16:38
frinnstdoing a depinst of llvm in my clean vm to see if i can reproduce it16:55
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frinnstno :(18:05
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j_vjaeger: can you make your copy of llvm-5.0.0.src.tar.xz available? i know that with md5sum and signature checking, that differences are near impossible, i'd still like to rule out that somehow there is a difference in tarballs.18:13
frinnstthey are impossible18:14
frinnstim sure jaeger fetches his tarballs from his own mirror so take a look there18:14
jaegerI do indeed18:18
j_vthanks... i knew it wouldn't be the cause, but the idea was nagging at me18:19
pedjawhat's the issue with llvm, exactly? I wasn't paying attention :)18:30
frinnstVCSRevision.h is empty for 99.99% of the users18:36
frinnstexcept for tek and jaegers iso bootstrap :)18:36
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j_vjaeger: what kind of environment is your ISO builder system... i'm interested in trying to replicate it, like in a container or vm18:51
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jaegerIt's a VM in my VMware home lab18:52
j_vis there a specific list of ports that are installed in it?18:52
jaegerAs few as possible, really, to keep it clean. all the deps necessary to build every package on the ISO, plus open-vm-tools, git, htop, maybe a few others18:53
jaegerIf you want an actual list I can paste it from the VM18:53
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j_vthat would be great18:54
j_vthanks, i'm going to work on it from that angle to try to narrow down what is actually needed to cause that header to be fleshed out18:56
pedjaI ran cmake -L in llvm source dir, and VCSRevsion.h is empty18:57
pedjaas it should be, since it's a release tarball18:58
j_vpedja, my theory here also, but some how it's getting generated anyways, hence why i wanted to peek into the source from someone who is seeing that file fleshed out19:04
pedjaI'll try the same in the docker container19:05
pedjaonce the cmake builds :)19:05
pedjabtw, frinnst, latest stable cmake is 3.9.4 (small bug fix release, afaict)19:07
pedjasame thing within the container, only core+llvm/cmake deps installed19:41
j_vok, after starting with a clean and uptodate container with just core installed, i've issued 'prt-get depinst -if $(while read port version; do echo $port; done < iso_ports.lst)'19:43
j_vi think this should give me an approximate of that iso build env, thought a few versions may be slightly off19:44
j_vactually, the command is: prt-get depinst -if $(prt-get quickdep $(while read port version; do echo $port; done < iso_ports.lst))19:46
j_vwill be a while before that is done19:47
pedjaLLVM_APPEND_VC_REV:BOOL=ON is the default. shouldn't llvm port just force it off, and be done with it?19:59
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rmullHi - mesa3d build failed for me due to llvm, log here:

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