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jaegerinteresting data point: on my ISO builder the revision in VCSRevision.h is the revision of the ISO tree currently00:02
jaegerleonov/root /usr/src/crux-3.3-iso-ci/ports/opt/llvm # cat work/pkg/usr/include/llvm/Support/VCSRevision.h00:02
jaeger#define LLVM_REVISION "git-12ea4e6"00:02
jaegerleonov/root /usr/src/crux-3.3-iso-ci/ports/opt/llvm # git log | head -n 100:02
jaegercommit 12ea4e65acc2b87e355d7cbf1458615bde9a676d00:02
jaegerSo it's finding the .git tree 3 levels up somehow00:03
jaegerperhaps it just runs a git command? I haven't looked closely00:03
jaegerIf that's the case then perhaps pedja's suggestion of disabling LLVM_APPEND_VC_REV is the right way to go?00:04
jaegerwill test it00:05
pedjajaeger, I think you are right00:11
pedjawhen I ran cmake -L in a just made git repo, llvm picked up the hash of the only commit00:12
pedjacmake -L, and then 'make llvm_vcsrevision_h' in the include/llvm/Support directory, to be exact. weird00:13
rmullFWIW - I use the git driver to sync my ports, and I have content in the file, so the theory holds00:15
pedjawell, that's 3 data points, then00:16
pedjaapparently, cmake module tries really hard to find git or svn repo :)00:19
pedjawith '-DLLVM_APPEND_VC_REV=OFF' passed to cmake, it creates an empty VCSRevision.h00:25
rmullYou llvm folks have any thoughts on why mesa3d might not be finding the llvm libs?00:27
jaegerhaven't run into that yet, I'm stuck on the llvm git thing :D00:31
pedjarmull, mesa3d picked up llvm just fine here00:32
jaegeryour install is trolling you somehow, hehe00:33
pedjaI'll see if it actually builds :)00:33
jaegerI'll try it after llvm completes00:33
rmullI'll dig into it a bit more00:33
jaegerHere's another odd thing: recently on some of my machines xscreensaver will lock up after some amount of time - I can still hit a key or move the mouse to get back to the desktop and things are fine, but the gl screensaver part has stopped moving00:36
jaegeron whatever frame it was when it froze00:36
jaegerAll my hardware is nvidia so I'm not sure if it's an nvidia or mesa3d problem or just xscreensaver. anyone with an AMD GPU mind testing it?00:36
rmullSo my mesa3d is failing because it's looking for /usr/lib/, but I only have /usr/lib/libLLVMTarget.a00:39
rmullOh wait!00:40
rmullI see what's happening. The version that was in that mystery VCSRevision.h file is now the output of llvm-config --version00:41
rmullIn my case, llvm-config --version produces 5.0.0git-b29432999, which the mesa3d configure script uses to try to find the .so file, which won't have the git decorator in the filename and fails the test00:41
rmullI'll try that cmake tweak pedja mentioned and rebuild everything00:42
jaegermy llvm build just finished, looks like it worked00:42
jaeger    -DLLVM_APPEND_VC_REV=0 \00:42
jaeger(in the ISO git tree)00:43
pedjait's funny that that option was ON by default, then they changed it to OFF, and now it's ON again, even in 6.x.00:45
pedjawtf are they doing, only Eris knows00:45
jaegerwonder if it was meant to be off and someone forget00:45
pedjathey changed how it works, before it was hard coded or something, but it was always ON, afaict00:52
pedjain their defense, it *is* an obscure bug of sorts :)00:53
jaegerrmull: mesa3d worked here as well00:54
rmullllvm finishing rebuild, will test in a jiffy00:57
rmullConfigure script completed normally, so I expect it'll work01:00
j_vpedja: good call on that fix (-DLLVM_APPEND_VC_REV:BOOL=OFF), looks like it do the trick01:06
rmullmesa3d issue fixed for me with that llvm change, ship it!01:16
j_vjaeger: after seeing your comment about xscreensaver, i checked status of my xscreensaver processes. library issues:
j_vi'm doing a rebuild of all deps01:25
jaegerthat libgnome thing is expected01:34
jaegernot sure about the other message, though01:35
j_vi think i need to restart the xserver, though it'll have to wait until some stuff finishes building01:43
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j_vjaeger: issue with xscreensaver was that i needed to rebuild xorg-xf86-(input|video) ports as described in ports/xorg/xorg-server/README, then restart X, though before that i also rebuilt all xscreensaver deps (don't think i need to, but hard to say now)05:56
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jaegerfrinnst: do you have an X370 or B350 motherboard? I can't recall20:59
jaegerI want to say you had an asus prime x370 pro or something21:01
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frinnstjoacim has the same board21:08
jaegerAh, ok. I was wondering if anyone had any B350 experiences21:08
jaegerI'm going to swap the motherboard in my ryzen box and bought a B350 one because the differences between the chipsets seem pretty much irrelevant21:09
frinnstwhy the swap? not happy with your current board?21:10
jaegerThe biostar one is ok but lacks some things like wifi and more granular fan control21:10
jaegerNot terrible at all but I figure I can resell it21:10
jaegerAt the time I built my ryzen system it was the *only* mitx ryzen board21:11
jaegerNow there are choices21:11
frinnstheh yeah21:11
jaegerGot an asrock B350m fatality gaming itx/ac words words words to replace it21:11
jaegerI couldn't care less about the fatality stuff but it has wifi, sata/nvme m.2, etc. and I've had good experiences with asrock in the past21:12
frinnsti usually file the lack of wifi under "features i need" but for a mitx i guess it would be nice to have21:13
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jaegerIt's really just a convenience for when I move the system around or take it somewhere, since part of the reason for an mITX build was mobility :)22:06
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jaegerThe ncase m1 is good for that. No weird shapes, easy to carry22:07
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frinnstim still stuck in 1990s form factors - and loving it :)22:52
jaegerI still have an ATX size box as my main system23:19

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