IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2017-10-27

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frinnstpushed wget06:35
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frinnstwget stopped rolling .xz tarballs. gz and lz only. I've added lunzip to opt17:30
frinnstlzlib might be more useful :-)17:36
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pedjaand spice-gtk is using lz4. way too many compression methods :)17:50
pedjaisn't that Facebook compression algorithm merged in the kernel recently?17:50
pedjazstd, or something17:51
frinnstdont remember that. only tls17:56
frinnstthat was a facebook thing iirc17:57
pedjazstd compression was added to btrfs and squashfs first, iirc18:01
pedja, if you are interested :)18:02
frinnstah right18:10
frinnstthat rings a bell18:10
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jaegerfrinnst: one small advantage of switching motherboards is that sensors work without using third-party modules20:49
jaegerA small thing, certainly, but a thing I noticed20:49
jaegerThis board has an nct6775 chip rather than it8720:49
jaegerAnother thing is intel NIC vs. realtek. Not huge but I definitely prefer intel21:24
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frinnstyeah out of tree patches suck, but I use the on-chip driver for cpu temps now22:16
frinnstthe intel nic was a major reason for me chosing the asus board :)22:16
jaegerAh, nice22:19
jaegerin which kernel version was that patched?22:20
jaegeror merged22:25

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