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jaegerI'm poking at the timeline cacher, please don't reenable its cron job15:06
frinnstthank you15:10
frinnstmeanwhile im trying to explain to a webdeveloper that the webroot path is important for what they are trying to do15:11
frinnstit makes me sad :(15:11
jaegerhonestly I'm not sure how the git part of the timeline cacher ever worked properly15:13
jaegerIt seems to do some simple logic like "check the cache_id of the last commit in the timeline database against the current commit in the repo - if they're not the same, fetch the commits since the last cache_id"15:14
jaegerbut cache_id is not a git hash15:14
jaegerSo maybe it's borked on the insert side15:14
frinnstI still have a VM of the old server if you want to look at how it used to work. Its quite possible that we never included some git hook magic in the new setup15:15
frinnstshame tek has been m.i.a for so long :(15:16
jaegerI've got my old backup, too. Very strange15:16
jaegerJust checked the timeline sqlite db from my backup, the 'cache_id's in that old one look like git hashes15:23
jaegerSo yeah, looks like something's missing on the step that puts them into the DB15:23
jaegergetting closer, heh15:23
jaegerI'm seriously considering rewriting the timeline cacher in python, would anyone object to that?15:31
jaegerphp is not my strong suit or favorite by far15:31
jaegerI think I may have found the immediate problem, at least. It was probably my fault since I did the conversion to get some of those php scripts working with new versions of php and sqlite315:32
jaegeryep, that was definitely my fault :D15:35
jaeger$stmt->bindValue(1, $evt['cache_id'], SQLITE3_INTEGER);15:35
jaegerthat should have been SQLITE3_TEXT because git hashes aren't ints :P15:36
jaegerwiki and git stuff is looking better, checking out flyspray tasks now15:47
jaegerOK, I think I have it fixed. Reenabling the cron job16:08
jaegerside note, dillon's cron doesn't support MAILTO=16:23
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frinnstno objection here :-)17:32
frinnstlooks pretty again, cheers!17:32
jaegerNow that I have the php version fixed I'm not in a rush ro rewrite it... but I will keep it in mind17:36
jaegerI altered the tlcacher cron job to log to a file so if it breaks again that'd be the first place to start17:36
jaegerLooks like there are some problems with accents in names in the git author map, I'll try to fix that as well17:39
jaegerpeople who don't commit anymore, looks like, but it should still be fixed, I think17:39
jaegerNever mind, it wasn't broken. Just didn't have LANG set as the crux user so I couldn't see them17:43
jaegerI'm done messing with the timeline for now, let me know if you see anything wrong17:44
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jaegerthinking we should expand the portdb-admin and contrib-admin email aliases, probably23:13
jaegersince tek is MIA23:13
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