IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2017-11-03

jaeger(and ninja)00:16
Worksteri don't like it but it looks like they are moving away from autotools00:17
Worksteri don't mind python but think it's the wrong tool for the job00:17
jaegeryeah, starting to look that way00:17
Worksterhow much longer before we need ruby crystal lua ...00:19
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prologicpython3 for what now?06:44
jaegerfor meson, for libinput06:44
jaegerACTION goes to sleep06:44
prologicACTION too06:45
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jaegerI'm taking a look at the bot. Don't really know anything about it but since tek is busy with the conference...15:02
frinnstit printed one of my commits a few days ago15:03
frinnstseems to be very hit or miss15:04
frinnstjust like the timeline15:04
jaegerThe timeline should be fixed now15:10
jaegerThere were a lot of errors in the bot's log like:15:11
jaegerAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'send'15:11
jaegerfrom a socket15:11
jaegernot sure what that's about15:11
jaegerWell, from what SHOULD be a socket but was apparently not15:11
jaegerRomster: Any idea on this?15:12
jaeger=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:15:12
jaegerNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/meson-0.42.1-py3.6.egg-info15:12
frinnstholy sysup batman. ill do a run on crux.nu15:14
frinnstphp, apache amongst other goodies15:15
jaegertesting meson in a clean container now but that was from my ISO builder system which doesn't have too much extra installed15:15
frinnstiirc we talked about that a few weeks ago15:17
pedjaI've stopped removing that from most of my python ports, it tends to break stuff, iirc15:27
jaegerI get the same mismatch in my clean container for reference15:30
pedjadoesn't Romster build his ports in containers?15:30
pedjato catch broken stuff/missing dependencies etc15:31
jaegerI believe so but we all miss things now and then15:34
pedjabtw, meson is at 0.43.0 now, libinput builds fine with it15:35
pedjathere is that annoying 'you're using not Unicode compatible locale' warning still15:36
pedjathere is a 'coerce to Unicode' backported patch from python-3.7, iirc, I might test it with 3.6.315:38
pedjaah, yes. it's an 'issue' with pkgmk setting LC_ALL to POSIX15:44
jaegerfrinnst: regarding the timeline, are you still seeing problems there?15:45
pedjaas jue, I think, mentioned once15:45
pedjameson commit;a=commit;h=6e7febdce19f8449e28e7fb6978b8df2f45fa67416:03
pedjaif removing egg-info breaks it, maybe make an exception?16:04
jaegerIt says don't remove egg-info but the egg-info is of course not in the footprint16:05
pedja'manually clean up .footprint'?16:05
frinnstjaeger: no, havent noticed any problem16:16
jaegerok, good :)16:16
frinnsti was thinking of before you fixed it16:16
jaegerJust wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something16:19
jaegerI should check the log to make sure the php update didn't change anything there16:20
jaegerlooks ok16:24
pedjaACTION totally forgot why he bumped binutils to 2.28.1 a while ago16:24
pedjaI rarely touch core ports16:25
pedjaCHANGES for 2.29.1 look harmless enough, too16:25
pedjaI don't understand this meson/egg-info issue. egg-info is in the package, but not in the .footprint?16:37
pedjarelying on IGNORE_NEW being set to YES to build?16:39
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funwith python3-setuptools, egg info is installed as a directory. without is installed as a file.21:59
funmaybe it will be better to package python3 with setuptools and pip and be done with these issues22:01
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frinnstfine by me, romster?22:26
pedjapip and setuptools are updated much more often then python3. how to deal with that if they are shipped as part of the python3 port?23:37

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