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Romsterjaeger, pedja yes i do buid them in a clean container but i on purpose excluded that file from the footprint.00:40
Romster"deleting that egg crap as you call it, will break pip3 for meson, without setuptools it'll install it as sdist, with setuptools it'll install it as wheel (with the egg-info). and and as time progresses more and more will have setuptools installed on there system, but no you have to be difficult, so i'll just have to manually remove the egg-info from the .footprint and have setuprools as optional to make you lot happy."00:41
Romsteri was a little annoyed when i had to do this, sorry. but it was the essayist way to avoid the 6 additional deps.00:41
Romsterwithout adding a MISSING to the build if python3-setuptools is installed00:42
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Romsteri dunno if i like a monolythic port of python3 with all the modules needed, but if that's what i need to do00:48
jaegerI'm not sure I understand the point of removing a file from the footprint that will show up in the build00:52
jaegerDid I miss something there?00:52
Romsterif you leave that file in the footprint and enable the allow new files feature of pkgmk, it'll install fine without and /with/ pyhton3-setuptools00:55
Romsterif you don't remove that file from meson's footprint then even with allow new files in footprint will break the build with an error of a 1 missing file00:56
Romsterprt-get update -uf meson ; prt-get depinst python3-setuptools00:57
Romsterand you'll see 1 missing file and a new directory for the change from sdist to wheel in pip3 list --outdated --format=columns00:57
Romsteri manually removed the file out of the footprint but not the port to not break pip3, but thinking about it i could jsut remove sdist file from meson's Pkgfile, as pip3 wont be around to see sdist python modules, (not sure if that will break anything down the line.)01:00
Romsteri guess we can find out?01:00
pedjaKISS principle is crying in the corner somewhere, drunk :)01:04
pedjathe rule of thumb I go by is 'if it is using 'python' machinery, it depends on setuptools, not python'. works for me[tm]01:13
Romsterpedja, i did keep it simple by including pyhton3-setuptools as a dependency of meson but i got complaints about 6 new dependencies01:14
Romstersee irc log ^01:15
pedjayeah, I remember.01:17
Romsterso instead of01:17
Romsternow i have done01:17
Romsterif this is not good enough, then i'll go down the path of including everything for pip setuptools in the python3 port. and the poor suckers that don't have a fast machine will have to wait longer building python3 for any of the module version bumps.01:19
Romsterthis is why we can't have nice things *shrugs*01:19
Romsterfact is i can't please everyone, so if this solution is not good enough let me know what i should do to rectify it.01:26
pedjaI have absolutely no problem with the way you handle python ports (whole lot of them :) )01:28
pedjaand if the python3 port becomes all-including monolithic monster, I'll just go back to maintaining my own01:31
pedjaI maintain enough of my own opt ports that a few extra won't make a difference01:33
RomsterBTW I am not trying to be difficult i am trying to find a solution that the majority agrees on.01:34
RomsterI have to sometimes make a hard choice/decision.01:34
jaegerI'm not bitching, just reporting/curious01:35
RomsterI don't see a issue with having 6 extra python3 ports for the task. But in the event that pyhton3 and meson moves to core, then well that's out of my hands. How it's dealt with.01:35
jaegerSometimes I think footprints are more trouble than help01:35
RomsterI know jaeger I am not mad or anything I am just trying to find a good solution that causes the least amount of pain for /everyone/01:36
jaegerall good01:36
Romsterwith the way upstream does things for the bootstrapping of pip it's a pain in the arse.01:36
RomsterI dunno, arch uses footprints bt they break there packages up into sub modules, and they include everything so they have all the sub-packages with no footprint issues, but that only works for a binary distro.01:38
Romsterand is a lot more work01:38
RomsterI like how simple crux Pkgfiles are and i prefer to keep source than binaries where possible.01:38
pedjacould pkgmk be patched not to nuke work directory if there is an error? I know about '-kw', something automagically would be nice :)01:46
Romsterthere is a flyspray bug report for that feature pedja02:00
Romsteri think that is a good idea to include.02:00
Romsterand i think a patch is on that bug report as well02:01
prologicso I haven't read the last ~174 backlogged messages02:50
prologicwhat was the result of the bringing in Python to build some packages?02:51
prologicalso I met with teK__ today so that ws nice and we talked about a bunch of things related to crux including horrible deps like Python just to buidl C stuff02:51
prologicI mentioned this project to teK__ this evening =>
prologica what looks like (I'd need to verify/audit/test it) complete rewrite/port of pkgutils + prt-get in Go02:52
Romsteryeah i agree that python is horrible to use for compiling C projects.03:38
Romsterlibinput uses meson which uses python3 prologic03:38
Romsterand it looks like a ton of other freedesktop stuff is moving to meson03:38
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prologicgood lord07:12
prologicMesonĀ® is a project to create the best possible next-generation build system.07:13
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