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jaegerAnyone else get a signature mismatch for opt/grub2? I think maybe I had an old file on my distfiles mirror00:26
jaegerunifont-9.0.06.pcf.gz specifically00:26
jaegermaybe there's something else going on, like it's being un-gzipped while downloading00:32
jaegerinteresting... on the same system, downloaded the file with both curl and wget:00:34
jaegerunifont-9.0.06.pcf.gz:   gzip compressed data, max compression, from Unix00:34
jaegerunifont-9.0.06.pcf.gz.1: X11 Portable Compiled Font data, bit: MSB, byte: MSB first00:34
jaegeradding --compression=none to the wget invocation does the right thing (tm)00:35
jaegerThis option appears to have been added in wget 1.19.2 so that explains why it's a new issue00:36
jaegerWhat do you guys think we should do about it? disable compression by default? I think that would disable compression for downloading AND decompressing downloaded files automatically00:44
jaegerThe former is kinda a nice-to-have feature while the latter is an annoying default, in my opinion00:44
jaegerfor the time being I'll add --compression=none to my ISO builder's pkgmk.conf01:01
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frinnstodd. isnt this a webserver config issue?08:21
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funyes, I think is on the server side or we have the wrong link (on the fly compressed) because the file is downloaded with content-type text/plain and content-encoding gzip headers08:31
juefrinnst: yes, I'm the maintainer of prt-utils but only because someone has to do it ;)08:42
frinnstWell we have the generic manintainer now :-)08:46
frinnstcan you confirm that the tarball doesnt match the git repo?08:47
juefrinnst: no, I don't understand the issue08:47
frinnstI created a git repo for mpup and pushed a change yesterday - also changed to a generic maintainer08:47
frinnst;a=commit;h=befa5b77773adb4684f569a5a83b76353b6b8d54 that change doesnt seem to appear in the tarball ?08:48
jueah, I see now08:51
frinnstno big deal, just slightly annoying since i use prtcreate a lot :-)08:52
juefrinnst: I'm out of town until end of the week, you can do me a favour and create a new tarball, please?08:53
frinnstno problems, will do08:57
juethanks :)08:57
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juebye, take care10:08
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frinnsthave fun10:08
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jaegerfrinnst, fun: it's a wget thing, curl doesn't have the problem14:29
jaegertry downloading that unifont file from opt/grub2 with both, you'll see what I mean14:29
jaegerSome web servers support compression, which is great, but wget decompressing the file locally after download is annoying14:30
jaegerbreaks checksums14:35
jaegercurl and wget both show that the server reports content-type: text/plain and content-encoding: x-gzip or gzip14:39
jaegerI would expect content-type: application/x-gzip instead of text/plain but the problem remains that curl and wget handle it differently14:41
jaegerSo perhaps in this case it could be viewed as BOTH a webserver config issue and a wget issue14:42
jaegerI can re-host the file to avoid it for now but we may run into this again in the future14:42
frinnstcan you file a bug? or there might already be one filed15:10
frinnstwow, wget have a couple of open bugs currently :-)15:12
frinnstdidnt find anything other than a feature request to implement it that's still open :-)15:26
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frinnsti've uploaded a new prt-tools tarball. it has the same name as the old one so if you mirror anything manual intervention is required20:00
frinnstmeh, messy20:04
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funcurl --compressed is equivalent with the default behaviour of the new wget regarding compression21:08
funPKGMK_WGET_OPTS is our friend, in Pkgfile or pkgmk.conf :)21:10
funit is funny that wget --continue downloads without compression21:20
marakulooks like pkgmk.conf's manpage isn't updated to include IGNORE_SIGNATURE?21:49
marakualso, would a patch for always including signature's be good? like PKGMK_ALWAYS_SIGNATURE, or something like that?21:50
marakufor people (like me) who don't want the auto fall back to md521:50
pedjawhy force .signature?21:54
marakunot force, just an option21:55
marakualso i think in the case of building as user it'd be good, if a rogue 'hackerman' gets into your system, then he could remove the signature file and update the md5sum because he doesn't need a key for that21:56
pedjaif he/she/it gets root, messing with the ports source is the least of the problems :)22:01
marakuoh, i meant with local ports, like /home/maraku/ports/openbox or something like that22:15
marakubut the secret key is stored in /etc, so that can't be accessed without root/sudo access22:16
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pedjaI have no issues if that option is added, as long as its OFF by default :)22:18
frinnstthe plan is to wipe out md5sums by default so its not really that big of an issue22:35
frinnstyou will still be able to use md5sums for your own repos22:35
pedjanot without prtverify shouting FATAL  :)22:48
marakuyou must conform!22:56

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