IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2017-11-12

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pedjanew version of time breaks POSIX output, apparently
pedjaupstream will merge Fedora patch for it, when all the legalese is done :)12:22
juepedja: I read this as well, but don't think it's a stopper at all12:24
juelatest git already has the patch12:24
pedjacool, now we look forward to 2038, when the next release of time is scheduled :)12:26
pedjawas it really 21 years between 1.7 and 1.8?12:27
pedjanah, just 312:28
juewell, the new maintainer starts working on time in July this year12:30
pedjaI see they changed the licence, too12:32
juebtw, most people don't ever use /usr/bin/time but the internal command of bash ;)12:32
pedjayeah, I was confused for a moment when zsh complained there is no -p or -q switch for time :)12:33
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frinnstah you pushed time, jue? I was a bit hesitant since it lacked a manpage15:34
jueI borrowed the newest page from debian ;)16:43
juenot perfect but a bit newer than the one we had with 1.716:44
juehmm, just saw that we remove time.1 from core/man-pages16:46
jueprobably better to use that instead of shipping our own with core/time?16:47
jaegerjue,frinnst,teK__: I rewrite the portdb cacher in python, would you guys mind taking a look at my new version if I upload it?17:14
jaegerI put it in ~jaeger/portdb-cacher along with a log from a run and the sqlite db it generates17:19
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