IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2017-11-13

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Romstersomething sees off on the git [notify] it's messed up one of my commit messages in to the last mailing list email. how i don't know.07:42
Romsterunless my email client on my phone somehow rendered wrong... trying to find it again07:49
Romsternevermind my phone email client must of derped it iad every other line of one of my [notify] commit emails mixed into a mailing list email from another user. now it doesn't exist...07:53
Romsternever had that happen before on my phones email.07:53
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frinnstjaeger: will take a look (im sure its fine - even if its not i dont think i can help much) :-)15:26
jaegerappreciate it. One of the advantages of this rewrite, in my opinion, is that it's easier to read now16:26
jaegerI added comments where I thought them useful, too16:26
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jaegerfrinnst, jue, teK__: also, in case I hadn't clarified it earlier, part of the reason for the rewrite is also that I'm not a PHP guy so every time I've fixed one of these PHP scripts it has taken some research and testing time. I don't think any of us are really big into PHP (correct me if I'm wrong)17:17
jaegerIf you guys would prefer that I leave the PHP version in place, that's OK, but in that case I will clean up its formatting and add comments, etc.17:17
frinnstpython is a lot nicer than php18:01
frinnstis your rewrite running now?18:01
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jaegerNot yet, I didn't want to replace the other one until people looked at the new one18:18
jaegerI did run it from my homedir as a test a couple of times18:18
jaegerhence the logfile and sqlite db in the same folder18:18
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