IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2017-11-14

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jaegerteK__: are you back from the conference? llvm and openbox need a little love :)04:45
jaeger(llvm with the vcs revision thing and openbox has a signature mismatch)05:18
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frinnstjaeger: yeah, looks very neat and readable10:29
frinnstthe only thing I object to is the lack of tabs :-)10:29
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jaegerheh, noted. :) thanks for checking it out14:26
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juejaeger: looks fine, thanks for work :)16:47
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jaegerGreat! thanks for checking it, I'll put it in place today (though I'll save the original one just in case)17:08
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jaegerOK, I've put the new portdb cacher in place, please let me know if you see any problems22:09
jaegerI did a manual run of it just to make sure it didn't break the portdb site, seems ok22:12
jaegerwait, no, it broke22:12
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jaegerinteresting side note: the python cacher ran in ~25s, the PHP one took ~2m53s22:22
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jaegernever mind, that was some kind of fluke22:32
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jaegerAnyway, the new python cacher is in place22:37
jaegerfrinnst: I also added myself and you to portdb-admin and contrib-admin per earlier discussion, forgot it until now22:40
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