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Romster lcms2 seems to have a silent tarball change or i got a dodgy sourceforge mirror.11:41
Romster sum has changed, what i don't get is the lcms2 site says 2.8 is current but the latest and greatest github says 2.9rc111:48
juehmm, guess he forgot to tag the release und to update the web page12:24
jueanyway, the sums on sourceforge are different/wrong , the source I've donwloaded at 6th November ar the same the one from today12:30
jue*are the same as12:30
jueRomster: could you do a diff between your two sources, please?12:34
Romsterit seems to me 2.9 is always in a state of change dev... And isn't stable as 2.8 is12:45
jueyeah, looks so, maybe adding the 2.9 sources to sourceforge was a kind of accident ;)12:47
Romsteryeah i think so.12:49
Romster2.8 had CVE's right?12:49
Romsterwe could just use 2.8 and apply this patch for CVE-2016-1016512:50
Romsterunless i am missing more CVEs12:51
juewell, the "2.9" sources from sourceforge includes everything as of Oct 23 from git12:52
Romsteror we just bump the release= and update the signature then12:53
Romsteri don't know how but i have 3 different versions of that file. the recent one and the one before that is 6mb bigger, they decompressed it, as the diff is the same. but the one we have now in opt/compat-32 to the one i grabbed today is that diff.12:58
jueI hate it such things ...13:00
Romstertotally agree.13:02
Romsterit makes it harder for packagers. i fixed lcms2-3213:02
Romsterand now to fix my distfile mirror of the wrong file13:03
juethe "new" tarball is up-to-date with git HEAD13:03
Romstersorry to inform you of this, i am sure you got more important things to do than figure out why upstream did this.13:07
Romsteris 12:07am and i need to get to sleep. feel free to correct lcms2-32 if you change lcms13:08
jueno, that's ok, thanks a lot for the info13:08
Romsteror i'll check the commits when i wake up13:09
juesure, no problem, will do that13:09
juegood night, sleep well :)13:09
Romsteri will, have a good day.13:09
frinnsti want to sleep too :(14:03
frinnsty a w n14:03
pedjalate night game session?14:11
pedjaI was up until 5 this morning, watching The Royal Institution channel14:13
pedja5TW laser is awesome14:14
pedjaif fusion reactor and proper AI come online in roughly the same time, we are probably fucked14:18
frinnstno i was just born tired14:29
pedjathose pesky users sucking up your energy, I guess :)14:46
pedjabigger issue for me is inability to focus on one damn thing14:51
pedjawhile I worked, the actual work was less tiring, most of the time, than having to deal with petty, vicious, stupid co-workers14:55
pedjaand it was manual labor, most often than not, so14:55
frinnstmanual labour is pretty relaxing14:59
frinnstwonderful coming home after having worked hard the entire day14:59
pedjaphysically, yes. mentally, when you are forced to work with poor excuses for human beings, not so much :)15:01
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