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jaegerI made some changes to the ISO today, if you notice any issues with installs from the updated ones let me know02:01
nomiusI saw the new vversion not starting normally at boot an when I started it manually it didn't load any kernel modules... I had to revert back to 3.2.4...03:03
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juehmm, cannot push/pull to our git, something broken?11:01
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Romsterworked earlier for me on opt, compat-32, and contrib11:47
frinnstcould push to opt12:20
frinnstwow, compiling firefox 58.. 18gb ram used13:48
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jueI had configured git to use port 2222 (dropbear) to access, which doesn't work today, normal ssh access works though14:19
juestrange, no idea what goes wrong14:21
frinnsthuh, I use 2222 too14:22
frinnstworked for me 2hrs ago atleast14:23
frinnstright, so what's needed to get pulseaudio working other than installing the bastard?14:42
frinnstI assume alsa needs to be configured for it14:43
jaegerYou don't have to configure alsa for it if you don't mind telling apps to use it but I'd recommend leaving apps alone and telling alsa to send everything through pulse14:55
jaegerMuch easier14:55
jaegerinstall alsa-plugins and put this in /etc/asound.conf:14:55
jaegerpcm.default pulse14:55
jaegerctl.default pulse14:55
jaegerI'd also recommend installing pavucontrol, it's handy for selecting devices and changing individual apps' volumes14:59
frinnstJust get "connection to pulseaudio failed"15:02
frinnst start-pulseaudio-x1115:03
frinnst/usr/bin/pulseaudio: Relink `/usr/lib/' with `/lib/' for IFUNC symbol `longjmp'15:03
frinnstConnection failure: Connection refused15:03
frinnstpa_context_connect() failed: Connection refused15:03
jaegerhrmm, I don't get that... but it's started automagically for me15:04
jaegeranything in syslog to say why it fails?15:05
frinnstI am missing some deps like consolekit - but it built fine without it15:05
frinnstno, nothing15:05
frinnstno wait it did log some stuff15:06
frinnstIll try a depinst from your repo15:09
jaegereven if I don't launch i3 with consolekit pulseaudio starts properly for me15:09
jaegerI'm not sure how PA handles its launching internally but I wonder if it has to do with the xdg autostart15:10
frinnstRIP my low-dep desktop :(15:10
jaegerAh, yes. dbus definitely is required15:10
frinnstdbus is installed, but stuff like polkit and consolekit was not15:11
jaegerdoesn't look like dbus was started15:11
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frinnstthere we go15:19
frinnstaaaaand now Im deaf15:21
frinnstany tips for programs to adjust the global volume? Iive used amixer bound to my keyboard keys previously15:24
jaegerThere's probably a way to bind keys to a PA command but I haven't tried, honestly15:27
frinnstah yeah found it15:28
frinnstseems to work - assuming the sink never change ?15:28
frinnstright, things seems to work. thanks15:30
jaegerno problem. :) I'll admit I'm no PA expert, I just use basic functionality15:31
frinnstyeah I dont think i'll ever use anything other than regular playback15:32
frinnstalsa works fine for me, but firefox 58b has removed support for --enable-alsa :(15:33
jaegerugh, yeah... seemed like that was inevitable15:34
pedjafrinnst, set 'flat_volumes' in daemon.conf to 'no', to avoid eardrums damage in the future :)15:42
pedjait's one of the 'wtf, upstream?' defaults15:43
pedjathere is a way to do it more cleanly, not touching the shipped configuration files15:44
pedjaPA since version 6, or so, can use daemon/client.conf.d for conf snippets15:45
pedjaso FF 58 removes ALSA support completely? that will cause a riot on r/linux :)15:47
frinnstyeah I couldnt get it to work atleat15:50
frinnstand they have broken the old way we built firefox too. now you need to use mach it seems15:50
frinnstyeah its a python think that ships with it15:51
frinnstgives you some insight into where the build is during building.. so thats nice15:52
pedjaso NIH meson, basically15:52
frinnstbut seems to default to using all available cores, not sure how you can change that in a dynamic way15:52
frinnstTIER: configure15:52
frinnststuff like that15:52
frinnstand also prints how long the build has run for each new line15:53
frinnst 0:29.32 necko_http.xpt15:53
frinnst 0:29.33 necko_mdns.xpt15:53
frinnst 0:29.35 necko_res.xpt15:53
frinnstTIER: configure pre-export export compile misc libs tools15:54
frinnstcolour coded, so configure, pre-export and export is now green. compile is yellow since thats where the build currently is15:55
pedjaeven color output doesn't tempt me to build it :)15:58
pedjais building rust/cargo really that bad/time consuming? compared to llvm, say?16:01
pedjatodays software got too big for my potatoputer, sadly16:02
pedjasome parts of it, anyway16:03
frinnstis llvm that bad?. rust is worse atleast16:12
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pedjallvm takes a while, for sure, but the most annoying thing is when it freaks out, almost at the end, building ocaml bindings, and wipes the work dir :)16:42
pedjaof course, it happens when I forget to pass -kw16:43
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