IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2017-11-26

Romsterwhat uses the ocaml bindings for llvm pedja ?00:26
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prologicFYI: irclogger will at some point soon be replaced by Cadmus ( -- Any special requests?02:03
frinnstNothing I can think of. Stats maybe? most chatty person and stuff like that?02:57
prologicmight be able to accomodate that03:04
frinnstmight be fun but far from critical :-)03:09
prologichappy enough if these are provided via Prometheus + Grafana? :)03:10
frinnstsure, frafana is pretty03:11
frinnstbut if its costly (cpu, vps i guess) then dont bother :)03:12
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pedjaRomster, nothing, afaik :)09:22
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pedjathe option to disable building them never made it to cmake based build, last time I checked09:24
Romsteroh, so you use ocaml for other stuff but not with llvm bindings, now it makes sense.09:42
pedjaI use it to build some of the tools in libguestfs. unfortunately, when llvm detects it, it builds the bindings :)09:56
pedjathere was a configure switch to disable it, but now it's gone, afaict09:57
pedjaI don't mind building them, but it's annoying when long llvm build breaks because I forgot to rebuild ocaml-ctypes09:59
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