IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-11-29

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frinnst"This release ports the X Font Server to libXfont 2.x. Distributions may09:39
frinnstnow drop libXfont 1.x at their convenience."09:39
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frinnstjue: exim have removed the 4.89 tarball and replaced it with 4.89.116:47
jueah, ok17:08
juelooked at it today at morning17:10
juewill do the update now17:10
frinnstno worries. just noticed it by chance :-)17:12
frinnstbtw im running without xorg-libxfont - only xorg-libxfont2 installed. To see what breaks17:13
frinnstthe only port that I have installed that depends on it is xorg-bdftopcf and it builds fine without it17:14
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frinnstjue I get a signature missmatch for ck4up - have you changed it?18:31
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