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juefrinnst: no, everything is ok for me08:33
jueah, guess it's the new default behaviour of wget :(08:37
jueyes, set PKGMK_WGET_OPTS="--compression=none" to fix08:41
juewe have to find a solution for that issue08:43
frinnstah right08:46
juewe have several options08:58
juepatch wget, set compression none in /etc/wgetrc, set PKGMK_WGET_OPTS in pkgmk, use curl as the default in pkgmk09:00
juesomething else?09:00
juehave to run now, bbl09:01
frinnstpatching wget is the worst option there imho. PKGMK_WGET_OPTS won't get universally applied nor would using curl instead09:02
frinnstmaybe using curl is a good/better idea anyway? we could move wget out of core09:03
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funThere are one-liners in perl/python, but they may need more lines to support continue/ssl/ftp. Also,there are a lot of wget replacements in go language. We can have a xxxdl-bin in core, to avoid adding a go compiler, but we get a static binary and possible a faster/parallel downloader.10:20
frinnstor just default to curl10:22
frinnstor file a bug with wget :-)10:22
funthe brainstorming feels good. same when picking the simplest solution :)10:31
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juewell, forgot one option: add --compression=none to DOWNLOAD_OPTS within pkgmk, probably the best option for now11:38
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frinnstjue: yeah that sounds good, I'll try to remember to push it later tonight12:34
juefrinnst: great, thx13:00
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frinnstjue: 5.40.616:29
frinnsttagged and pushed16:31
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