IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2017-12-02

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jaegerok, I finally got a chance to look at rss.php, it's working now22:44
jaeger <-- some of these are dumb but some are entertaining (tesla racing)23:08
jaeger(nothing to do with crux, just was watching some while working on that :))23:08
frinnsthave you caught the tesla bug?23:44
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jaegerNot so far... they're way cool but I don't hate money that much23:45
frinnstI drove a model s 2 years ago. crazy acceleration23:48
frinnsteverything just "comes"23:48
jaegerNice. I've never driven one or been in one, for that matter23:49
frinnstone of our customers/partners owns one. he came by when he had just bought it and let everyone in the company have a go :D23:50
frinnstif I had money to spend on an epic car I dont think i'd buy an electric. atleat not yet. maybe in 10-15 years23:55
frinnstmaybe if I had "fuck you"-money23:55
jaegerIf I were going all out right now on a production street car it would probably be a GTR R3523:56
jaegerOn the other hand, if we're talking non-street cars, the Koenigsegg one:1 :D23:56

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