IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2017-12-08

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crash_frinnst: that is a weird error06:07
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frinnstI wonder if my efi issue might be caused by a disk becoming disconnected for a short while15:05
jaegerThat would be an annoying behavior15:06
frinnstwhat happens to the boot manager if the target disk is missing? does it wipe it as an invalid entry?15:06
jaegerNot sure. I would only expect that if efibootmgr is run or a reboot happens, but I'm not even sure if that's a thing it does15:06
frinnstI've had some issues with the m.2 port on my motherboard. the first disk didnt work at all and i've had to reseat the current disk a few times15:06
jaegerAh, that sucks. I guess it could be the cause, maybe15:09
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frinnstthis time I didnt see the nvme at all. had to remove it and reseat it, then reinstall the bootmanager21:26
jaegerDefinitely sounds like a motherboard issue :/21:29
frinnstI replaced the psu on the 5th so had the case open and messed about. probably unseated it slightly21:30
frinnstannoying as fuck but RMA:ing the motherboard is a lot more annoying21:30
frinnstI have a spare SSD. I should probably start to send btrfs snapshots to it :>21:33
jaegercouldn't hurt21:45
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