IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2017-12-13

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pedjajue, why the jump to jre9? isn't 8 supported until September 2018?15:18
pedja'Instead of relying on a pre-installed standalone JRE, we will begin encouraging application developers to deliver JREs with their applications.' because disk space is cheap15:25
juepedja: why not?15:28
jueit works for the java applications I've installed, so why not using the latest version?15:30
pedjado you plan to bump jdk, too?15:30
jaegerIf you use java KVMs like DRAC or the like, make sure that java 9 works with them15:31
juenot really, I don't use it15:31
jaegerIt doesn't like most of the dell servers' DRACs that I've tried15:32
juejaeger: well, no idea about that15:33
juejaeger: do you suggest to stick with 8?15:33
jaegerIf that's a large part of your usage, maybe worth considering15:35
jaegerNot sure how much that applies to crux15:36
jaegerI mostly use it for work on my work laptop which doesn't run crux15:36
frinnstthe kvm for the server only works with jre6 :-)15:38
frinnstbut no matter, we still dont have a vpn to connect to it yet15:38
frinnstwe should poke charlie about that again15:38
juehmm, and now?15:44
pedjatbh, I have no issues with bumping jdk/jre to 9. if any of the application build breaks, I'll just open the bug upstream :)15:48
pedjaor build it in a docker image with 815:49
pedja9 is short term release, anyway, 18.3 should be out in March16:06
pedjasince Anaconda ships both openjdk 7 and 8, bumping jre and jdk to 9 is OK with me16:13
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