IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2017-12-15

pedjafrinnst, how are you starting pulseaudio? using start-pulseaudio-x11 or ?00:02
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frinnstnah, dbus does it00:19
frinnstas in: 'magic'00:19
pedjaas I use startx to, well, start X, I start it manually after xfce starts. autostart always fucked up things for me :)00:31
pedjaway too many 'starts' in that sentence00:31
pedja'pactl list modules | grep udev' has module-udev-detect?00:33
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pedjathat error message is weird, thou.01:10
pedjajaeger, does pulseaudio build fails if NLS is disabled for you too?01:17
jaegerusing --disable-nls in the pulseaudio Pkgfile or something else?01:26
pedja--disable-nls in Pkgfile01:36
jaegerI'll give it a try01:37
pedjathank you :)01:37
jaegerwill take a bit to build the deps, testing in a clean container01:48
frinnstpedja: yeah, udev-detect01:54
pedjawith your sound device(s) as arguments?01:56
pedjabased on that error message, I guess not01:57
pedjathat looks OK. hm01:58
frinnstas I said, it works - as long as firefox isnt the first audio app I start01:59
jaegerthat's pretty bizarre01:59
pedjathat makes no sense01:59
frinnsttoo tired to mess with it now, 3am02:00
frinnststarted my vacation today \o/02:00
pedjanice :)02:00
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jaegerpedja: got pulled away to other stuff, sorry for the delay. it does fail with --disable-nls05:00
pedjair's OK, jaeger, thanks for testing it :)12:09
pedjait's not annoying enough for me to deep dive into the abyss that are autotools12:17
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jaegerfair enough, heh14:35
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