IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2017-12-25

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prologicMerry Christmas y'all!08:25
pedjaany particular reason python3 was bumbed to 3.6.3, and not 3.6.4?11:30
Romsteri derped... fixed now pedja12:27
pedjait's OK, Romster :)12:27
pedjaI was just wondering if 3.6.4 is broken, or something12:28
Romsternah, not in this case. but good to check12:29
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onodera what the fuck is going on?21:02
onoderadoes this only happen on #crux?21:02
frinnstlol did yo see that in the actual channel?21:16
frinnstoh right21:17
frinnstnah its probably network-wide21:17
frinnstl33t kids want to show off their skills21:17
frinnstwe had another wave of cunts spamming the channel a few weeks back21:19
frinnstgod damn lagavulin's 16yo is epic21:59
frinnstah, it breaks abi jue?23:53
frinnstlibmpfr that is23:53
frinnsttheir announcement could have mentioned that..23:53

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