IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2017-12-26

Romsteronodera, i've reported this to the freenode staff and yes it's happening in other channels as well.01:24
Romstercan someone /invite sigyn in #crux to deal with that spam.01:27
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frinnsthow does that work?02:34
frinnstim not finding much information about how it's supposed to work. do we need to configure it somehow?02:36
Romsternah it's just a freenode staff bot that will kline any of them spammers automatically.03:06
frinnstah goodie03:08
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pedjadoes traceroute from core/iputils support ipv6? I know that it lacks '-n'(no DNS resolve) option15:15
pedjathat error was confusing when I played with OpenVisualTraceRoute15:16
pedjaso I switched to
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frinnstpedja: no, you use 'traceroute6'17:18
frinnstand ping6 etc17:18
pedjafrinnst, I never really noticed that traceroute is in ineutils and traceroute6 in iputils :)18:54
pedjawell, that's two ports that I have to maintain now18:55
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pedjabtw, in latest iputils (, ping and tracepath support ipv4/ipv6 with one binary, afaict18:56
frinnstACTION doesnt like change19:44

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