IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2018-01-02

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frinnstthoughts about firefox for 3.4?19:51
frinnstwould require rust + pulse on the iso19:52
frinnstpulse depends on consolekit. rust doesnt really have any new deps19:52
frinnstor any alternatives to firefox thats lower on deps19:56
pedjaspeaking of consolekit, any interest in switching to consolekit2? it does add another dependency, thou :)20:24
pedjaACTION hides from the wrath of frinnst 20:24
pedjait's a fucking mess, I know20:25
frinnstpulse is pretty shitty too20:26
pedjaport from opt is pretty old, too20:27
frinnstits remarkable that this is the best we got20:27
frinnstim not using the port in opt20:27
pedjajaeger's ?20:27
frinnstyeah, with some modifications iirc20:27
frinnstless deps :)20:27
pedjame too20:27
frinnstbtw, if i run start-pulse-whatever during upstart and quickly launch firefox I get audio20:28
frinnstbut If i wait a minute or so - start-pulse-whatever will exit with an error and I wont have sound in firefox20:28
frinnstI need to start something else first20:28
pedjaI can't reproduce that20:29
pedjastartx to, well, start X, start-pulseuadio-x11, unmute with alsamixer, and it works20:30
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jaegerfinally got a chance to look at the orphaned ports list... might grab more later but for now I'll take these if nobody objects: desktop-file-utils dosfstools gl-select p5-xml-parser startup-notification syslinux23:54
jaegerNot sure what I think about firefox with pulse and rust for 3.423:56
jaegerI already use pulse myself but I'm sure that would annoy quite a few folks23:56
jaegerI suppose continuing with the ESR is feasible for some period of time but I wonder how long23:59

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