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marakumaybe we can include a different open source browser that doesn't require pulse + rust... like palemoon or a webkitgtk browser (would have to include those deps in opt though...)01:22
jaegerMight be worth a look if there are any truly decent ones01:47
marakualsa configuration is also possible manually? apparently with some manual editing of build file (requires more research), so we could have a snippet which checks if pulseaudio is not installed and do that01:51
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frinnstmaraku: not starting from firefox 5706:57
frinnstI run the betas, thats why I installed pa a few weeks ago06:57
frinnstI fear the 52esr will stop being supported during the 3.4 lifetime. I'd rather not switch about, introducing lots of new deps. If I were to change it id rather do it with a new release06:59
frinnstor, remove firefox from the iso. Its probably the best choice assuming we can find some other respectable browser to ship07:00
marakufrinnst, according to the lfs website it's possible to enable alsa still...
marakui haven't tried it out myself yet (running on battery rn), but i'll test it out when i get the chance07:50
frinnstsorry, from 5807:51
frinnstim running 58b.. stupid high numbers, they blend together07:51
marakugotcha, that's unfortunate... i was hoping they'd keep the alsa code in something of an 'unmaintained state' but still buildable :(07:57
frinnstI think they dropped it in the official builds during early 50s-versions08:03
frinnstwe ran firefox 53 in crux, before going back to 52esr, that still built with alsa08:04
frinnstI dont know if jack is a viable replacement. im told firefox supports that (but who knows for how long)08:04
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pedja'we (Mozilla) don't support the JACK backend at all'15:12
pedjathey'll take a patch for cubeb (audio back end thingie), but not much more than that15:15
pedjait's a tricky situation15:16
pedjaand since the new ESR will be forked from 59 or 60, which don't ship ALSA anymore, sticking with ESR buys 6-9 months15:25
frinnstindeed, so its not a solution for 3.4 - even if its still maintained when 3.4 gets released15:43
frinnstnot shipping firefox on the iso is the best solution that I see right now. But chromium is hardly better15:44
frinnstfucking nodejs15:44
frinnstwtf is cubeb? never heard of it before15:47
frinnstthe repo explains nothing15:48
frinnstoh.. and here I was hoping for a competent pa replacement :>15:50
pedjaFedora is working on
frinnstI imagine it will be even worse15:56
pedjaI never met a positive, shitting rainbows and unicorns, sysadmin16:07
pedjapipewire could be interesting, if done right. naturally, people at r/linux *will* call it 'systemd for multimedia' :)16:09
frinnstr/linux is cancer16:21
frinnsthalf is just "omg i saw a kernel panic in public!!!"16:21
pedjaand the other half is 'guys, which distro should I use?'16:25
pedjaor demanding that Nvidia open sources their driver :)16:27
pedjayeah, that will happen16:28
pedjaNvidia forbidding use of non-pro cards in data centers might help AMD to gain part of the ML market16:31
pedjaprovided thet persuade major players to invest in OpenCL instead of CUDA, that is16:32
pedjawhich is unlikely, since Google/MS/Amazon use Nvidia enterprise products to run their models on, which is a major investment16:35
pedjaotoh. AMD cpus are not, afaik, vulnerable to the kernel mapping thingie vulnerability, so Epyc's look like a nice upgrade path :)16:39
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jaegeradded mtools to the ports I adopted since syslinux depends on it17:26
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jaegerLooks like core/iproute2 builds ELF support if elfutils is installed and doesn't have a configure switch to disable it22:15
jaegerShould we move opt/elfutils to core or patch iproute2 to avoid using it?22:15
jaegerI believe libelf is *required* if you want to use tc's eBPF features so that may be a reason not to disable it22:15
jaegerSince mesa3d also depends on elfutils, elfutils is installed during the ISO build process22:17
jaegerso iproute2 will link against it22:17
jaegerI think I lean slightly towards moving opt/elfutils to core so as not to be modifying iproute2 from upstream22:18
frinnsti'd say patch iproute222:19
frinnstiproute2 has had to have things disabled before too, iirc22:19
frinnstbut lets hear what jue thinks22:19
frinnstbut yeah, elfutils might well fit into core too. its becoming pretty critical22:20
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Worksteralso revdep uses elfutils, but because elfutils is in opt and revdep builds it staticly i odnt install elfutils in my docker container for testing ports.22:27
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Worksterwhich also means i build ports with /only/ the depends on line of ports installed.22:28
jaegerwhich is the whole point of building in a container or clean env :)22:29
Worksteri see this in the Pkgfile HAVE_ELF="n"22:33
jaegerI don't think that actually does anything useful22:40
jaegermaybe overriding both lines would22:40
jaegerCFLAGS += -DHAVE_ELF22:40
jaeger(from after ./configure)22:41
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jaegeralso, after a quick test, even removing the HAVE_ELFs from the it still links against libelf22:50
jaegerdeleting the check from configure prevents the linking22:58
jaegerstill, I wonder if moving elfutils to core is better (tm)22:58

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