IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-01-04

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frinnstjue, thoughts about browser for 3.4 and elflib?15:14
frinnsthi btw :>15:14
juehi :)15:19
juewrt ELF: not really sure but tend to move elfutils to core to avoid patching iproute215:28
juethe browser question is more difficult for me cause I tend to hate pa :)15:30
juebut at all I'd say we should ship our ISO with firefox15:31
jueeven if we have to add rust/pa to it15:31
juefrinnst: will try the ports from your private repo the next days to get a better feeeling about the firefox/rust/pa pain :)15:38
frinnstgood deal15:54
frinnstI'd rather not have PA on the iso fwiw. its pretty shit15:54
frinnstnot as shit as it was in 2011. but still shit15:55
juethe HAVE_ELF="n" worked until 4.13, the commit that breaks it is15:55
juemy bad, didn't noticed that :(15:57
jaegerIt's easy enough to fix again if we prefer that route... sed '412,413d'16:11
jaegerI'm not against putting elfutils into core, though. Either way works for me16:12
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