IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2018-01-05

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Worksterwhy can't we use apulse with firefox?04:43
Worksterpersonally i'll go with using jack than pulseaudio04:43
jaegerprobably can04:52
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jueFYI, I've committed a fix for iproute2 and added a note to TODO3411:59
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jaegerregarding 3.4, maybe we could add that gcc gdb tweak from a while back, too14:50
jaeger (the diff)14:51
frinnstI an apply that to my toolchain14:52
frinnstexcept that I will readd the tabs :)14:54
frinnstdont try to sneak that by me!14:54
frinnstfrinnst: my keyboard should arrive tomorrow \o/14:55
frinnstim actually using my code at work now14:55
frinnstusing unicomp at home did shuffle my tastes a bit14:55
jaegerI don't really care about the tabs, heh15:21
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pedjafrinnst, I guess you've seen this?
frinnst52esr isnt affected22:00
frinnstjaeger: do you still have that diff for gcc? returns a 50022:14
jaegersure, sec22:15
frinnstcreated a core 3.4 branch and pushed my toolchain22:20
jaegerok, cool22:20
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