IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-01-07

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frinnstupdating - will reboot it shortly00:43
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frinnstboop. back up again01:09
pedjado you have any OOTB way to bring it back, if it ever happens that it doesn't?01:38
pedjaout of band. grrr01:38
jaegeryeah, it has an ipmi module01:44
frinnstbut not way to access it yet..01:46
jaegerstill? heh01:48
pedjaadds a bit of suspense to otherwise boring procedure02:06
pedjawhen it works, drink a glass of single malt. if it doesn't, sigh, curse, and drink a glass of single malt02:10
pedjaor whatever $POISON_OF_CHOICE02:11
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frinnstyeah I need to poke _________mavric6 about that09:54
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pedjamay I suggest adding wlan rc script to pkgadd.conf, similarly as net, as the default in 3.4?13:06
pedjathe principle of least surprise, and all that :)13:08
frinnstplease file a bug for that, or we will forget17:09
pedjawill do :)17:27
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