IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2018-01-16

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frinnstcan someone else test this patch: ?08:30
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pedjafrinnst, build fail? it tries to run automake-1.14 again, and fails miserably11:44
frinnstim not drunk enough to deal with autohell11:48
juefrinnst: get the same error, as often it's related to some doc grap15:49
juehere's a fix that seems to work ->
frinnstcheers. wanna commit it?15:50
juefrinnst: sorry, I'm a bit busy right now, can you do it?16:42
frinnstAndres Gomez (1):20:21
frinnst      anv: Import mako templates only during execution of anv_extensions20:21
frinnst17.3.3 should allow us to build radv again20:22
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