IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-01-18

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Romsterfrinnst, colocating and it should be up soon09:20
Romsterif there is anything you need in the mean time let me know09:25
frinnstno worries09:26
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jaegerfrinnst: can you build net-snmp currently? I'm getting a "file not recognized: file truncated" error message17:39
jaegerwill post the log if needed but figured I'd ask first17:39
frinnstit had some problems with gcc 7. are you on our stable toolchain?20:25
frinnst*rebuilding on a 3.3 host*20:26
frinnst=======> Building '/home/ports/pkg/net-snmp#5.7.3-3.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.20:29
frinnstlong time since the last snmp release but the git repo looks very active20:41
jaegeryeah, stable toolchain but the ryzen box... I'll keep looking21:29
frinnstbuild completed on 2 boxes. paste the log if its still giving you troubles21:30
jaegerok, will do21:31
jaegerhrmm, maybe it's a parallelism issue. -j1 seems to work...21:43
jaeger-j8 works21:44
jaeger-j12 fails, -j16 fails21:45
jaeger-j9 fails21:47
jaegerok, even -j8 fails sometimes21:48
frinnstnever had it fail but I guess i've just been lucky21:50
jaegerI'm unlucky with builds recently :D21:51
jaegergnu-efi is another one with the same problem, though I can reproduce that on lots of different systems21:55
jaegerteK_ was never able to, I think21:55
frinnstit generates a warning and with -Werror it fails for me. does that count? :D22:00
jaegerI'm not using -Werror explicitly and it works sometimes :P22:01
frinnst[    0.011503] Spectre V2 mitigation: Mitigation: Full AMD retpoline22:03
frinnstrunning gcc 7.2.1 (or whatever it will be called) rc22:03
frinnsti'll update the 3.4 toolchain with it once it's released22:05
jaeger50 builds with -j8 - 11 succeeeded, 39 failed22:24
jaegerthanks for the push, works fine with -j1... annoying that it was an issue, though22:38

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