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frinnstwow pulseaudio is shit07:14
frinnstaudio works; power off; power on; audio doesnt work07:14
frinnstno it works, just decided to reconfigure itself to output to a different source07:14
frinnstbecause pulse07:14
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frinnst patched port. if anyone wants to help try it out08:39
frinnstunsigned fyi08:39
chinarulezzzHello everyone.09:43
chinarulezzzI saw at plans for CRUX 3.4. Firefox has so many deps. Maybe are we switching to palemoon?09:43
frinnstunsure if that's a viable alternative. we dont even have a port for it10:01
frinnstbut the browser that comes with the iso is still undecided, yeah10:02
frinnst looks very heavy on deps10:02
frinnstdo you know if they intend to depend on rust & pa in the future?10:04
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juefrinnst: wrt your glibc port: the CVE patch is commented out?11:46
frinnstthats an old patch12:12
frinnstglibc-2.24-10.patch contains everything12:12
frinnstforgot to clean it up12:12
frinnstand i've backported the patch for CVE-2018-100000112:13
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pedjaI always wondered if CVE numbers were sequential. millionth+1 vulnerability13:06
juefrinnst: ok, thanks, will test13:32
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jaegerLooks like the kernel requires elfutils to build now, with CONFIG_UNWINDER_ORC enabled (default)17:48
frinnstso, move it to core for 3.4 then. no question anymore17:51
jaegerJust started building a 3.4 VM and saw that17:53
frinnsthow do we shut the bot up for 3.4?18:01
frinnstACTION slaps teK_ 18:01
jaegerMaybe disable 3.4 in the post-receive hook that sends the notifications18:05
frinnstI have no idea how the current schema works with gitolite18:11
jaegerWhere's teK_ been?18:12
frinnstthe bot pulls everything from redis i think18:14
jaegeryeah, redis is involved... but I'm thinking the post-receive hook could be changed to NOT send notifications to redis for whatever our current devel branch is18:18
frinnstI dont see anything in gitolite regarding that. looks like it would announce a push to 2.4 for example18:19
jaegeryeah, right now it probably does them all18:19
jaegerbut we could add something to the script that says "X is dev branch" and then avoid sending commits for X18:20
jaegerI can try to dig into it after work but kinda busy right now18:22
frinnstno worries18:32
frinnstcore-3.4 is rsyncable now18:33
frinnstwoah fat lockup18:43
frinnstwonder if that was a spectre fix bug :)18:43
juefrinnst: in the past I've used curl's to create our ca-certificates and not cacert.pem from curl because their cert was a bit too restrictive (we got some user complains)18:45
juesee the comment in ca-certificate's Pkgfile18:45
frinnstoh? I assumed it was taken from the curl site, since we got a notification about it from ck4up18:46
frinnstand since you had updated it a few days before i figured they had missed something major so I rushed it a bit18:47
jueyeah, that's the bug ;) but I'd suggest that we do nothing right now and wait what happens18:47
frinnstthey killed some symantec stuff i noticed. and rightly so18:47
juewell the default is SERVER_AUTH:TRUSTED_DELEGATOR and we use ALL:TRUSTED_DELEGATOR18:48
juethe default for mk-ca-bundle.pl18:49
jueI don't exactly remember why, but with the default some site were not reachable18:50
jueI'd be happy if we can use curl's pem again, so let's wait if someone complains ;)18:52
frinnstit was a few years ago since we had that problem, right? a lot of things has happened with CAs since18:54
frinnsthope nobody will notice :-)18:55
jueyes, that's right. The initial commit was 2015-06-0918:57
frinnstbtw jue, if you start playing with the 3.4 toolchain, libtirpc needs this to build: sed '/stdlib.h/a#include <stdint.h>' -i src/xdr_sizeof.c19:20
frinnstits the only workaround I have here locally. otherwise its pretty straight forward19:20
frinnstoh, and thunderbird/firefox 52esr wont work19:21
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pedjafrinnst, you're using FF-58, right? does it display images here ?22:46
pedjaChrome works, 58b16 and 58.0 don't22:49
pedjawell, that's weird.22:58

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