IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-01-21

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frinnstI wonder if the new kernel headers are causing some troubles19:42
frinnststrace: defs.h:55:10: fatal error: kernel_types.h: No such file or directory19:42
frinnstteK_: this commit:;a=commit;h=ea3a85e1e5bc1da8be65cb338993481c95ff98a719:58
frinnstseems to have fucked up lots of signatures and md5sums19:58
juethe build breaks for me too, but with an different error20:50
juelastest version (4.20) works20:51
jueI'll commit an update20:53
frinnstjust pushed wget, switched over to and lz tarball20:56
frinnstseems the gzip stuff broke for lots of servers20:56
jueyeah, just read the announcement20:57
frinnstmaybe thats why my ftpmirror was lagging :D20:57
juebtw, I've rebuilt everything on our ISO, only 3 ports failed -> efibootmgr, efivar and mdadm21:00
jueguess all of them can be fixed with a -Wno-error21:01
jueor a newer version ...21:04
frinnsti'm ahead of you there :-)21:06
frinnstpushed efi* stuff21:06
juegreat :)21:06
frinnstyeah +1 for -Wno-error21:06
frinnstmy list of failed ports can now be attributed to broken urls (romsters server being down) or perl footprint errors21:08
frinnstno, libmp4v2 seems to fail21:09
frinnsta fix seems to be available there so no big deal21:10
jueyeah, looks good so far21:15
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