IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2018-01-24

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Romsterfrinnst, jaeger could one of you edit all my to for portsdb.11:39
Romsterno index page for the files are where they are meant to be. i'll get around to fixing that another evening.11:42
frinnstchanged all repos on crux.ster.zone11:45
Romsterit's gonan be rough for awhile only got 10GB of space and i can't put everything in that server.11:50
Romsterwill figure something out later i am worn out tonight11:50
Romsterall of ports and syncing packages should fit at least.11:50
frinnstlet me know if you need storage11:57
frinnsti got 2.3TB free11:58
frinnstjust send me your ssh pub key and I can set it up11:58
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frinnstRomster: giblib still fails to download. it uses as a source17:44
frinnst i guess all of those are broken still17:46
frinnstRomster: webkitgtk security update:
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