IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2018-01-26

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nomiusAre source packages compressed in .lz decompressed OK for you guys? tzdata and wget are failing here... And looking at bsdtar -x tzdb*.tar.lz fails as well04:32
frinnstyep, is your libarchive ok?09:40
frinnstsounds like you are using an old version10:51
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frinnstACTION slaps teK_ 12:26
frinnststill super busy?12:26
teK_ACTION is slapping back12:27
teK_hey hey12:27
teK_busy as usual but with the target to have a look at my bugs and updates ...12:27
frinnstdont just dissapear like that, I worry :-)12:27
teK_sorry bra12:27
teK_BUT, check zoidbergs logs12:27
frinnstI saw you on there yesterday so i calmed down a bit :)12:27
teK_still logging in and "requesting items" regularly. If this stops. Worry.12:27
teK_glow was awesome 8-)12:28
frinnstI had an irc buddy of 10 years die on me a few years back.. idles for weeks and then an IRC-op joins with the fun news12:28
teK_oh. I dont plan on doing any such things12:28
teK_this year, I might finally make it into the north for vacation. Island. So: sorry sweden =)12:29
teK_and now, I gotta go. btw: roundup sucks. Flyspray is way cooler (but requires PHP)12:36
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frinnstwtf, mozilla no longer supplies source tarballs on their ftp starting from version 5917:15
frinnstinstead they want you to download this:
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teK_ /118:55
teK_wtf, RCE in clamav18:55
teK_time to patch your mailserver, kids18:56
teK_especially you, jaeger ;-)18:58
jaegerOh, is mine vulnerable to something?19:45
teK_you are maintaining clamav19:46
jaegerYeah, but I meant specifically :)19:46
teK_I did not check in particular :o19:47
jaegerAh, ok19:47
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