IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-01-27

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frinnstRomster: did you see my message regarding storage? Just let me know if you need hosting space10:54
Romsteri seen it10:56
Romsterfrinnst, is that on ? that when you click on a package version the directory is 403 :P11:43
Romster 403 Forbidden11:43
frinnst works. havent bothered with crux.guru12:08
frinnstthere we go, autoindex for too :)12:11
Romstersame host just a vanity name?13:08
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pedjafrinnst, thanks for that :)13:26
pedjabtw, if jue is too busy, take a look at fs#1568, I attached a patch for dovecot port with the upstream patch for that CVE13:29
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juepedja: update will come soon ;)15:34
pedjajue, I am not that bothered, tbh, I don't use dovecot :)15:38
pedjaI made that patch to kill the time until video I was trying to watch buffered enough not to be annoying15:39
pedjaand then the video itself annoyed me, but that's a story for another tine :)15:45
jaegerregarding Brainzman's comments in #crux, maybe we should add a check to pkgmk for the version of wget that supports --compression=none for those installing from the 3.3 release16:31
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