IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-01-28

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frinnstwow another hard lockup. wonder if its because of the retpoline patches11:53
frinnstnew rebuild with retpoline disabled, lets see if it shits the bed12:09
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juefrinnst: intel cpu?12:23
frinnstgcc 7.3 with retpoline enabled in the kernel12:25
frinnstbuilding without it enabled now12:25
jueprobably not related, but I noticed that the intel microcode from 201801?? disappeared from their download center12:26
jueno idea what that means ...12:26
frinnstyep intel has really fucked up12:27
jueyeah, indeed12:28
frinnstIm testing a glibc 2.27 snapshot. its due to be released in a few days and binutils 2.3012:32
juefine, let me know how it goes, please12:42
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frinnstcome on, crash stupid computer14:30
frinnstI dont want retpoline to be the cause of the previous crashes :(14:31
frinnstRomster: fribidi have redirected their domain to github and no longer offer proper tarballs - just github crap16:17
frinnst 40416:22
frinnstx264 is a 404 too16:34
frinnstjue: glibc 2.27 no longer builds nsl by default. that causes some troubles with exim and python. It needs to be enabled with --enable-obsolete-nsl16:37
frinnstso thats not a problem. But i've found some other oddities that needs investigation16:37
frinnstmake error:
frinnst perhaps16:49
frinnstshm related header changes are causing some problems. nothing major tho16:56
frinnstand no crashes with retpoline disabled :(17:05
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