IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2018-01-29

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nomiusHey folks03:42
nomiusYou might want to upgrade chromium to version 64... There's a lot of improvements and also some patches for meltdown03:43
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Romsternomius, i tried a new build it failed to build i'll have to try again10:40
Romsterit needed patches that i added10:40
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Romsterthink i just found a patch for that12:21
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nomiusRomster :-)14:52
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frinnstmavrick61: h�r?19:28
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nomiusHey guys, is it there a preview ISO for 3.4?21:56
nomiuschromium now needs nodejs? :-S22:26
frinnstsince summer i think22:35

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