IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2018-02-03

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frinnstbtw pushed glibc 2.27 to the 3.4 branch. Some stuff is broken and will need patching.01:51
frinnstIm open to revert back to 2.26 if we want to get 3.4 out the door asap, but 2.27 would be easier to maintain I think01:51
frinnstIm also open to suggestions for a coice of browser for the 3.4 iso :)01:52
pedjajust links01:52
frinnstwhat about lynx? without basics no fun!01:52
pedjabasics? we ship curl, don't we? :)02:00
jaegeris 2.27 a stable release? I couldn't remember if glibc does the odd/even thing02:05
frinnstall releases are "stable"02:53
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frinnstonly xfsprogs remains to fix. bad headache so giving it a rest for tonight20:49
frinnstof couse, this is when I rebuild what I have installed which isnt that many ports20:49
frinnstpkginfo -i |wc -l20:51
jaegerNot bad for a desktop box but a lot for a server, perhaps23:30

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