IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2018-02-04

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frinnstyeah its my desktop :-)09:21
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frinnstdoing a new rebuild. everything "should" work now13:31
frinnst3.4 branches now exist for core, opt, xorg, contrib16:36
frinnsti've pushed my fixes for all the ports I had that failed16:36
frinnstI've also updated perl, all perl ports will need their footprints updated16:42
jaegernice. I'll start another bootstrap and maybe generate a test ISO16:49
frinnstlibepoxy depends on meson & ninja, so dont forget those17:47
pedjaWorkster, do you think it's a good idea to symlink python-3.6.pc to python3, so the apps that check for python3 with smth like 'pkg-config --exists python3' work without fiddling?20:39
pedjasimilarly to '/usr/lib/python3' being a symlink to python3.620:42
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