IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2018-02-06

frinnstxorgproto aims to replace most/all xorg-*proto ports01:01
frinnstgood candidate to introduce for 3.401:02
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Romsteris it ok if i go break everything and rename mesa3d as mesa? and then update all the dependencies in crux/3.4 ?07:19
Romsterbeen bugging me for a very long time07:19
frinnsteven the domain is called mesa3d.org10:40
frinnstjust curious :-)10:44
Romsterthe files are called mesa$version.tar.xz11:47
Romsterand we tend to keep tot he upstream names11:47
Romsterto the*11:47
frinnstah yeah, true12:44
frinnstwell our ports are easily changed obviously. 3rd party stuff - not so much12:45
frinnstbut maybe not that many ports list mesa3d in their depends on line?12:45
frinnstim ambivalent to changing it tbh, jue, jaeger?12:47
pedjaRomster, will you alias mesa to mesa3d so the 3rd party shit doesn't break :) ?13:06
jaegerI don't have a strong feeling about it, go ahead if it will help14:40
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pedjaso, frinnst, with alsa working in firefox again, apparently, your 'which browser to ship' dilemma is over?22:05
pedjanow you can concentrate on beating rust port in shape :)22:07
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