IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2018-02-08

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jaegerfrinnst: is xorg updated with the removal of the various *proto packages?15:10
jaegerin 3.4, I mean15:11
jaegerAh, looks like not yet15:12
frinnstit is15:53
frinnstunless i forgot to push it15:53
frinnstthere might still be some proto ports left. xcb-proto is still required15:54
frinnstxorg-trapproto remained, removed now15:57
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frinnstphew. think I got em all19:57
jaegerOK, will test again. Sorry for the link and run, busy with work stuff20:44
frinnstno worries, sorry about the mess :-)20:44
jaegerIs this commit a good list to get me started on what needs to be removed from the ISO packages list as well as handled in setup-helper?;a=commit;h=497fd053c815bc2efae7a8fab4ba517c0c3f553f23:28
jaegerregarding the xorg-*proto stuff23:28
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